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Lucky guess. I was at the friday night game, and stuck around for a few hours. I walked down to the tent where WQAM was being broadcasted, and he was being interviewed. He said his main reason for making that prediction was to keep a postive frame of mind for the fans. He even said that Beinfest pulled him into office afterward and said, "Are you out of your damn mind?"


If he had a chance to change his words when they were 10 under, he would do it in a heartbeat.


I'll take it though!!

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I predicted 95 before the season and was called nuts.


I predicted 91 at the All Star Break and was called nuts.


Samson is the man for nailing it pre-season.

I also predicted 95 at the beginning, stayed with 95 at mid-seaosn (was said to be even more nuts than Admin) and we are 4 away form what I said, so good enough. I predicted we'd win the wild card either way.

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