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50K sold for Game 3 Already


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Game 3 count: Nearly 50,000 tickets sold


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With plenty of time still left, the Marlins already have sold more tickets to their playoff game Friday than they did for the franchise's first postseason home game six years ago.


As of Monday afternoon, the Marlins had sold nearly 50,000 tickets for Game 3 of their playoff series against San Francisco at 4:06 p.m. Friday, and close to 40,000 tickets for a potential Game 4 Saturday.


If demand warrants, the Marlins could sell up to about 67,000 tickets for each game.


Crowds will exceed those for the Marlins' two games against the Giants in the 1997 divisional playoffs. The Marlins attracted 42,167 for Game 1 and 41,283 for Game 2.


The biggest crowds in Marlins history were for the four World Series home games in 1997. All those games drew between 67,000 and 67,500 fans, topped by the 67,498 for Game 6.


Three home games against the Atlanta Braves during the National League Championship series drew 53,587, 54,890 and 51,982.


The Marlins had no say in the start time for Friday's game, but team president David Samson said he has no objection. ESPN wanted to carry the Atlanta-Chicago Cubs series in the 8 p.m. slot.


The time has not been set for Saturday's game, if it's necessary, but it's likely to be in the afternoon, with 1 p.m. the most probable scenario.


Tickets for Games 3 and 4 can be purchased at the stadium box office, beginning at 10 a.m. today, and through all Ticketmaster outlets.


The Marlins will not reap most of the financial benefits from the Game 3 crowd. During the first three games of the divisional playoff series, 60 percent of the gate revenues go toward the players' postseason pool.


The umpires receive another chunk of the ticket revenue, topping out at 15 percent. The remaining 25 percent or so is split evenly between the home and road teams.


The Marlins and Giants would make a lot more money from Games 4 and 5, if necessary, because none of the ticket revenue from those games goes to the players.


Samson said the team will only break even during the first round. That's largely because of travel expenses, the Marlins' unfavorable stadium lease terms and the way baseball divides postseason revenue.


Samson said the Marlins probably will make a profit on the playoffs if they advance to the league championship series. But that won't come close to offsetting the $20 million-plus in losses Samson says the Marlins will sustain this season.


? Parking and concession prices will not be raised for playoff games, Pro Player Stadium president Bruce Schulze said.


? Gates to the parking lots will open at 1 p.m. Friday, and stadium gates will open at 2 p.m.

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