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Nats announcers last night on Cabrera's first HR


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They were replaying it. They thought it looked like a HR, but wondered why there was a bar above the yellow line. That it was a poor design. Then they went onto to explain / excuse that the Marlins are a secondary tenant and that they have to make do and these unfortunate circumstances come about because of it.


That was the jist of it. And I still don't understand what they meant

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They play at RFK, they have no room to talk.



I think RFK is about the ugliest place to watch a game on TV. DS is actually one of those msot pleasing on a TV screen because of its color scheme.

Yeah but if you go there it's awesome. I actually prefer going to RFK over Oriole Park...


2 reasons:

1. Seating is better at RFK (Oriole Park has AWFUL seating).

2. Food is better at RFK

1. Eh. I don't pay attention to how my seat feels.

2. Only since the re-opening. The catfish and brisket are great.

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