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Marlins fans, may I introduce you to our next Center Fielder.....

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I (and several others) have suggested that this player be acquired.


He's a Centerfielder for a young club.


The club has two options younger than him with HIGHER ceilings.


He is already getting a chance in the bigs, and has shown glimpses of his crazy 30/30 talent with gold glove defense.


CLICK on MLB.COM for his page on MLB.COM


Be sure to check his first homerun and his amazing leaping catch


D'backs need pitching but have hitters,


We have pitching but need a centerfielder.......


Make it happen guys!

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I do and don't like the idea of trading Dontrelle. I think the best opportunity to get whatever the hell we wanted has passed, but we can still get just ABOUT anything for him. A centerfielder is what we need, but I don't think another prospect is what we need. We need a proven guy to come in and step in the middle of the order for us. I don't think Vernon Wells or Andruw Jones are the answer, considering that they just cost wayyyy too much. The only guy I can think of right now that would be in a reasonable price range and would contribute enough is Preston Wilson...

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Spike doesnt like him so he probably should be our #1 target


Not that I dont like him. Just dont think he is worth JJ, Scotty O, or Sanchez.

We also have about a zillion other young arms

And many of them will be wasted in specialized bullpen roles.

If we were only going to trade them for lesser talent, we shouldn't have picked up so many to begin with.

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in case anyone was wondering, the player he is talking about is Chris Young


how he failed to mention his name is beyond me



If you click the link i included MLB.COM it takes you to Chris Youngs page. I was going for the suspense of it all.





I'd take him, but would the d-backs trade him?


I dont think they would.

neither do I. I thought the trade of Green was to get quentin some more PT.


I'm not talking about quentin, i'm talking about Chris Young.


Number one overall pick Justin Upton is a centerfielder in their minor leagues, obviously they plan on HIM for their future. In the present, they've already talked about putting Quentin there, or keep Byrnes, OR AA Outfielder Carlos Gonzalez (now a RF)

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