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"I was supposed to be ready in 2020 for the Red Sox"


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This morning wandering throught the daily papers I came accross Joe Capozzi's piece titled "Boston's Losses are Florida's Gains", which I have linked below. There's some incredibly funny and yet perception quotes put forth by Hanley Ramirez that I thought were worth highlighting.


..."The Boston Red Sox traded away Hanley Ramirez and Anibal Sanchez, two of their top prospects, for Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell last November to help them win a World Series.

But with one month left in the season, the Marlins are in better position to reach the playoffs (three games out of the NL wild card) than the Red Sox (61/2 games out of the AL wild card).


"I bet you they want me back," Ramirez said with a wink, clearly joking.


Ramirez said he feels no personal satisfaction that the Marlins, in a rebuilding year with a roster of mostly rookies, are closer to a playoff berth than the Red Sox, the organization that drafted him.


"Hey, they still have a good, good team. They're only (61/2) games back with 30 games left," he said. "They've got pressure. They have to win every day. We have to win, but we're learning. They've got veterans."


Ramirez said he was grateful to the Red Sox for drafting him, but he wonders if he would have received major-league playing time this year if he was still with the organization.


"I was supposed to be ready in 2020 for the Red Sox," he said, sarcastically. "I'm happy to be here. If I have a chance to stay here longer I want to stay here. I like the people here."


The Marlins got Sanchez in the trade, even though left-hander Jon Lester was their main target."




And if y'all have the time you might enjoy perusing the Boston Globe's Red Sox messageboard. In no particular order one quickly gets the impression that Little Theo has fallen out of favor in Beantown, that Alex Gonzalez and his inability to hit in the clutch is roundly criticized ( http://boards.boston.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?...ebtag=bc-redsox ) as was the entire trade of Beckett, Lowell and Mota for Ramirez, Sanchez, Delgado and Garcia, especially in light of the front office treatment of Bronson Arroyo who they had signed for cheap $$$ and then jettisoned him, only to turn around and sign Beckett longterm for roughly $10 million a year. To find discussions of the trade and ex-Marlins players simply use their search feature and type in a name.

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i guess you could say we won that trade?


Depends on whether or not Beckett gets his act together.

even if he does...han ram is a future all-star, anibal "dirty" sanchez looks like the real deal...i think we won that deal hands down


I also agree with the fact that it doesnt matter if Beckett gets his act together or not. Considering the circumstances of the deal I think Beinfest made the best move possible. To think we couldve gotten Blalock and Diamond/Danks..... phew....

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