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Thinking about 2007 Season Tickets?


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Talk about them with the site's friend in the Marlins ticket office, Orestes Hernandez. He'd be happy to discuss all the details with you and help you out as much as you need and you can take comfort in knowing your account representative is a friend of MarlinsBaseball.com. All 2007 season ticket plans and mini-plans can be discussed with Mr. Hernandez at any time you are ready to discuss them.


Available 2007 Season Ticket Packages


Full Season Packages (Best price, for the best seats, with the best benefits)

41-Game Pick A Plan (Includes Opening Day, and you pick the other 40 games)

28-Game Pack (Includes all Friday & Saturday games)

15-Game Super Saturday Pack (Includes Opening Day, all 13 Saturdays, and Closing Day)

10-Ticket Flex Pack (10 vouchers good for any games played on Sunday though Friday)


You can reach Mr. Hernandez the following ways:


By Phone: (305)-626-7299

By Email: [email protected]


If you do inquire about season tickets from Mr. Hernandez, let him know you are from MarlinsBaseball.com. I don't earn anything from this, it's just curiosity on our parts liking to see how many of you are potential clients of his.



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