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List of all new records set by Marlins this year


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I'm pretty sure Hanley also had the most stolen bases for a rookie.



Nah, he's not even the Marlins rookie leader (Chuck Carr).


Really, I think the only true superlatives are Uggla's HR total, Hanley's doubles and possibly runs and leadoff HR's.


Other than that it's combined statistics like:


First National League team to have 3 rookies with 20+ HR's

First team in history to have 4 rookie starters with 10+ wins

First team to have a rookie no hitter and rookie 5 hit game (Uggla) in the same season


That's it off the top of my head.

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D-Train set the career wins record, Han-Ram tied Niner rookie record for average and set rookie record for triples, at bats, hits and doubles. Uggla set rookie marks for homers and rbi and also MLB record for HR's by rookie 2b. Johnson set Marlins rookie record for ERA. maybe even Anibal set it depending on what the limit for innings the old listed record was set by Chuck Smith and he pitched only 122 innings. Olsen set rookie standard for K's and HR's allowed. Miggy set season record for BA and 2B. This years team was also the first one in Marlins history to have 9 players in double digits for Home runs. This list is just what I know of there could be several more out there.

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Updated Marlins Records & Milestones,& major feats of accomplishments.


The following also includes hilighted moments but most are Records of some kind.Team,MLB,Rookie,etc.


A few are records I was keeping track of that were most likely to happen.I update some of them later on down the line here.So the 45 I have listed are not all just a list of records tied or broken but there are close to a solid 40 (maybe).




THANK YOU to everyone who added to the list on this thread or elsewhere!




1) -Florida's first season series sweep of seven games or longer over any opponent in franchise history (2006 Brewers)..so this is the first time the Fish went 7-0 against an opponent in the same season


2) -Uggla & Willingham, first time two rookies on the same team had 20 or more Homers in a season in National League history.

Then Mike Jacobs reaches 20 on 9/27/06 vs the Phillies , making it the first time a team a NL had 3 rookies with 20 + homers in the same season. The only other team to do that prior to the Marlins was the 1982 Minnesota Twins had Hrbek, Brunansky,and Gaetti hit 20 +)


3) -First time since 1899 that a team fell 20 games below .500 and came back to reach .500.

First time EVER that a team fell 20 games below .500 and came back to go above .500 at any point.


4) -Cabrera breaks Marlins team records for doubles in a season (46), goes onto hit 50 for the season.


5) -Most wins by a rookie pitching staff in a season (whole roster,relievers & starters) .


6) -Cabrera's goes over 100 RBI for the season. At 23, he became the third youngest player in history to have three consecutive 100-RBI seasons. The only players who did it at a younger age were Mel Ott (22) and Ted Williams (23).


7) -Cabrera becomes the sixth-youngest man in major league history to reach the century mark in CAREER HOME RUNS. The four active players who have reached 100 before their 24th birthdays are Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez, Andruw Jones and Albert Pujols.


8) -Uggla set Marlins club rookie record for RBI with his 80th and 81st RBI on 9/4/06 @ Dolphins Stadium vs. Arizona (Conine had 79).Final total of 90.


9) -Uggla blasted a 449-foot homer into the second deck "Big Mac land" in Busch Stadium section of left field. The shot is the longest hr in the new Busch Stadium.


10) -Marlins two 9-game winning streaks mark the first time in team history to have two winning streaks that long in the same season (9 game winning streak/s ties club history for longest)


11) -Hanley Ramirez broke the Marlins ROOKIE record for doubles in a season (46).


12) -Hanley Ramirez set Marlins ROOKIE record of most triples in a season (11).


13) -Hanley Ramirez set a Marlins club record for most runs scored in a season by a rookie passing Quilvio Veras's 1995 mark of 85 with (119) of his own.


14) -The Marlins are the first MLB team to have a rookie no hitter (A.Sanchez) and a rookie 5 hit game (Uggla) in the same season.


15) -Uggla ties (on 9-11-06 vs Mets) the MLB 1938 record of Joe Gordon for home runs by a "rookie second baseman" (24).


16) -H.Ramirez breaks the Marlins rookie hits record in a season (174 by Conine) with (185).


17) -H. Ramirez breaks Conine's rookie record for most "at bats" in a season with his final total (633).


18) -H. Ramirez TIES Conine's club rookie batting avg in a season at .292.


19) -Scott Olsen breaks Dontrelle Willis's Club record of 142 strikeouts in a season (166 total).


20)-Josh Johnson's 3.10 era is the lowest single season era by a starting Rookie pitcher for the Marlins since the 3.23 ERA of Chuck Smith in 2000.


**Also,along with the Twins Francisco Liriano, Johnson and Liriano became the first rookies from each league to lead their respective league's in ERA by the end of August.


21) -Dontrelle Wilis set the career wins record for a Marlins pitcher with his final season total (58).


22) -Marlins are the first team to have FOUR rookie pitchers with 10 wins or more in MLB History.

Olson (12),J.Johnson (12),R.Nolasco (11), A.Sanchez (10).


23) -The Marlins are the only current MLB team to have 16 players born in the 1980s.


24) -Most wins ever by a MLB rookie STARTING pitching staff in a single season.


25) -Marlins' win-loss record since May 22 trailed only the Mets (NOT UPDATED)


26) -Josh Willingham (139), Hanley Ramirez (185), Dan Uggla (172), and Mike Jacobs (123) allowed the Marlins to become only the fourth team in the live-ball era with four rookies with 100 or more hits.


27) -The Marlins batted around in both the first and second innings in their game against the Nationals on 8/22/06. The Marlins are the only National League team to do that this season, and they've done it twice!!!! (also on May 14 against the Pirates).


28) -The 2006 Marlins joined an elite group when Hanley Ramirez hit his 12th home run, thereby giving Florida four rookies with at least 12 home runs (Dan Uggla, Josh Willingham and Mike Jacobs are the others). According to Elias, only TWO other teams in big-league history had at least four rookies with a dozen dingers: the 1958 Giants (Orlando Cepeda 25, Willie Kirkland 14, Bob Schmidt 14, Leon Wagner 13 and Jimmy Davenport 12) and the 1999 Marlins (Preston Wilson 26, Alex Gonzalez 14, Bruce Aven 12 and Mike Lowell 12).


29) -Wes Helms of the Marlins is the first player with three pinch-hit triples in one season since Casey Candaele had three for the Astros in 1990.


30) -Dan Uggla is just the fourth player in the last 50 years to record 20 home runs and 75 RBI in his DEBUT season in the majors.


***Albert Pujols, Orlando Cepeda and Frank Robinson are the only others.


What makes this amazing is that this is NOT just a rookie record but a debut record (some players will have 30 or 40 at bats and not qualify as a rookie but are still noted in playing in their debut year). Uggla never played in the majors before...so this qualifies as a DEBUT year...making the record even more significant..and doing it as a 2nd baseman is even more significant.Of course, getting FULL playing time in your debut year is rare in the annals of MLB.Most rookies still qualify as rookies in their 2nd or 3rd MLB seasons due to lack of at bats or games played.


31) -Miguel Cabrera set a Marlins record for RBI in a month by driving in his 31st run of August with a solo homer off Brewers starter Chris Capuano on Sunday.Breaking Sheffield's and Alou's 30 RIBI record.


33) Anibal Sanchez broke the Marlins record for consecutive scoreless innings of 24 1/3.


34) Anibal Sanchez pitches a NO -HITTER on 9/6/06 at Dolphin Stadium. The 4th in Marlins history.THE 19th by a Rookie in MLB history.The first in the majors since 2004.


35) Uggla had five hits (5-5) vs Mets 9-11-06, a franchise standard now done nine times.


36) The Marlins become the first team in major league history to have as many as five home runs in a game from rookies. The previous record was four home runs in a game from rookies, done many times, most recently on July 24, 1999 when the Red Sox had three home runs by Trot Nixon and one by Brian Daubach.


37) Uggla, Ramirez & Jacobs become the first "rookie" infield tandem to score 100 runs each since 1929. (Need to verify this one).Anyone remember Tinkers-to-Evers-to-Chance? The HOF Cubs infield DP combo of the 1920's?


38) Marlins hit five homers vs the Mets 9-11-06, establishing a single-game franchise most.


39)Cody Ross hits 3 hrs vs Mets on 9-11-06 , reaching double digits for home runs in a season, which is the first time the Marlins have had as many as seven different players with 10 or more homers in a given season.They finished with 9 players over that mark.


40)Cody Ross' three-homer game came less than a month after fellow rookie Nick Markakis hit three long balls. The only other season in major league history in which more than one rookie had a three-homer game was 1987 when Mark McGwire and Mickey Brantley did it.


41)Miguel Cabrera breaks the Marlins record for highest batting AVG. in a season with his .339 avg.


42) Hanley Ramirez tied an big-league record with his seventh leadoff homer as the Marlins rolled to a 7-2 win on 9/27/06 against the Reds. Ramirez's blast in the first inning tied the Dominican rookie with Nomar Garciaparra (1997) for most leadoff homers in one season.


43) Dan Uggla breaks the MLB 1938 record of Joe Gordon for home runs by a "rookie second baseman" (24). Ends season with 27.


44) Dan Uggla breaks Marlins team record for most HR's by a rookie when he hit his 27th of his last AB of the season on 10/1/06.He broke Preston Wilson's 26 homers.


45)Hanley Ramirez had 43 hits in September, most in the majors. He's the first rookie to lead the majors in hits in September since Dave Stapleton of the Boston Red Sox in 1980


Anyone who wants to edit or add to this list, please do so!

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Hanley Ramirez had 43 hits in September, most in the majors. He's the first rookie to lead the majors in hits in September since Dave Stapleton of the Boston Red Sox in 1980.




that also lead most hits ina single month of the 2006 season i believe in NL and AL not sure about AL but i know it lead the NL.... which is one of my many reasons why i vote hanley for rookie of the year...

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