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Kevin Garnett compares NBA to Castro, says new rule is communist


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Garnett blasts NBA's new crackdown policy


Pioneer Press


Timberwolves all-star Kevin Garnett was fuming Wednesday night because of the NBA's new so-called zero-tolerance policy banning demonstrative behavior against officials, saying the rules were "just thrown on us."


That policy was enforced during the Timberwolves' exhibition opener against the Milwaukee Bucks at Target Center, which the Wolves won 98-93. Wolves center Mark Blount was assessed two technical fouls in the third quarter for apparently protesting fouls against him. He was automatically ejected after the second technical.


Garnett acknowledged the players were warned during training camp about the zero-tolerance policy. But that doesn't mean he has to like it.


"I don't know what the (expletive) the league is doing," Garnett said. "It's bugged out."


Garnett railed against the league for trying to control the emotions of players, who aren't allowed to show up officials with their actions on the court. Garnett is one of the most emotional players in the NBA, and he said that won't change.


"I'm not going to stop being who I am," Garnett said. "I'm going to do what I do. If it costs me a little money, then that's how it is. It's the only way I know how to play. (Owner) Glen Taylor don't want me to play any other kind of way. I'm sure (Wolves vice president of basketball operations) Kevin McHale sure don't want me to play any other kind of way."


Garnett said the players were shown a video of behavior that won't be tolerated, including the clip of an incident last season when Garnett tossed the ball into the Target Center stands and hit a man in the face.


"You've got to understand that the people that get the techs are emotional people," Garnett said. "Do we cross the line sometimes? I'm sure we walk it."


Garnett said he wasn't "speaking out" against the new policy but ripped it anyway.


"The fact that you can't really speak to the refs and the refs don't want to hear it, it's almost like communism, you know what I'm saying?" Garnett said. "That's like Castro, you know what I'm saying?"


Blount was ejected with about three minutes remaining in the third quarter after he apparently was complaining about something, possibly a traveling call against him. Blount seemed to be mumbling about it, and official James Capers called a second technical against Blount, resulting in an automatic ejection.


With less than four minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Wolves' Marko Jaric was called for a technical foul when he slapped the ball onto the court in reaction to a foul called against him.


"We've got to be smarter, more under control," Wolves coach Dwane Casey said after the game. "I don't want to take away our passion and energy, but we've got to have some self-control and make sure we don't cost our team points in those crucial situations."


Blount wasn't available for comment after the game. Jaric owned up to his actions.


"I know I made a mistake," he said.


Way to go: Wolves rookie forward Craig Smith made a nice contribution with his hustle. He scored nine points on 4-of-4 shooting with some nifty moves around the basket. He also had six rebounds in 15 minutes. It was what Smith envisions as a trademark performance for himself on this team.


"That's pretty much it," Smith said. "That wraps it up."


Said Casey: "I was really impressed with his savvy."



It's basketball Kevin, it's basketball. Didn't he go off on some rant a few years ago saying something like "I'm a warrior, i'm bringing all the bombs, the planes, the rockets, and it's gonna be a battlefield!" or something like that :lol .

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likewise - team captains will still be allowed to discuss things with officials - what isn't (and shouldn't) be tolerated is the constant whining and crying after every call


suck it up and keep playing - not that difficult


and although I do like Garnett, maybe he should channel some of his emotion into taking over a game in the 4th quarter, aggressively rebounding in traffic and making strong moves in the paint and dunking on people instead of that finesse crap he pulls

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will be interesting to see who it is called against - a lot of the NBA poster boys who traditionally get the superstar calls are often the ones who whine the most


will also be curious to see how guys like raja bell, bruce bowen, battier, etc are able to use this when getting opponents frustrated - they may be able to instigate guys into technicals

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