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Eric Brynes Can't Take Criticism


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Eric Brynes looks like this on BBTN:




People have been taking exception to his look and he responds to that with:

"I didn't realize how many degenerates sit there at home and watch television and surf the Internet and look for ways to belittle people," Byrnes said. "People should not be concentrating on what I'm wearing and what my hair looks like. They should be concerned with my flow and the knowledge coming out of my mouth."


:lol :lol :lol

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I think he has done a good job, hair and all.


Harold Reynolds is a legend.



Yeah, he is a legend for never having anything worthwhile to say. He never offered any criticism or anything insightful. His sounded the kid who gets called on in class and is unprepared, yet tries to BS his ways around the question (yes, I am sure Harold had knowledge, just an analogy of how he sounded). I don't think BBTN has suffered without him.

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