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Dolphins' Culpepper has arthroscopic knee surgery


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As a result of a routine visit to renowned surgeon James Andrews' office in Birmingham, Ala., Dolphins quarterback Daunte Culpepper underwent arthroscopic knee surgery Wednesday in a continued effort to alleviate pain in his right patella tendon.


Culpepper had been experiencing sharp pain in his right knee for the past several weeks during his rehabilitation process, and coach Nick Saban said he hopes this procedure will help ease any further problems.


The procedure was intended to remove some damaged cartilage found behind Culpepper's knee cap, Saban said. Saban did not get overly specific about the issue during a news conference today, fearing he would not properly explain the medical procedure.


The minor surgery will not change Culpepper's roster status yet, Saban said. Instead, the coach said he hopes Culpepper will be able to continue his rehabilitation soon, possibly in about a week.


''This is not a real serious thing,'' Saban said. ``We'll take it slow with him. It will not affect his roster status right now. It will not affect his future here. It probably makes us both feel a little better so at least we know there's a solution to the issue.''


With five games remaining in the regular season, however, it seems unlikely Culpepper will return to the starting job before the final game. In the meantime, quarterback Joey Harrington will continue his role as the team's starter.




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