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THIS is why it's taking so long to train Iraqi and Afghan security


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I'm not sure if this should be posted on Locker Room or Bull Pen, but it's fricken hysterical. People are always asking WHY it's taking so long to train the Iraqi security forces, WHY all the deadlines are being missed, etc. Well Just watch the video and you'll know why it's taking so long for the Iraqi security forces.

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That looks absolutely legitimate.


Here's the difference with their training and the US version: these guys do that and the guy leading the drills just watches and shakes his head. If a US soldier or marine did that, they would be getting screamed at and fearing for their lives, even on day one of basic training.


You think that's bad, you should have seen the first group of new Iraqi Army soldiers that helped my squad on a raid. They all ran and hid behind a truck when the first shots were fired (all by us, no danger) and the couple of brave ones stuck their AK's over the top of the truck and just shot at random. Two of them urinated on themselves, no lie.

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