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Best Sports City in America All-Time (born there)....

Guest FishFanInPA

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Guest FishFanInPA

I want everyone to pick four players...one from Football, Baseball, Basketball and misc (boxing, hockey, any other sport) and they must have been born there...then we're gonna have a tournament to see whose the best...


For example, I'm reppin Philly and mine are


Football: Marvin Harrison

Basketball: Wilt Chamberlain or Kobe

Baseball: Reggie Jackson

Miscellaneous: Smokin Joe Frazier



football-Michael Irvin/Derrick Thomas

basketball- Eddie Jones

baseball- Alex Rodriguez

misc- Chris Evert

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Guest marlins02

ill say Udonis Haslem in basketball


What about eddie jones? Isnt he from miami?


yeah... like i said ill go with Udonis :lol


eddie's from Broward actually but close enough. i like eddie jones, dont get me wrong but i hated him and that contract (its not my money but it f***ed us up with the cap) and i do like Haslem more.

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Roswell/Alpharetta/Marrietta, GA

Football: Jermaine Phillips

Baseball: Todd Jones/Jeremy Hermida

basketball: Shareef Abdur-Rahim

other: The Armstrong family of wrestlers...

as far as baseball goes...Marietta is home to East Cobb Baseball...MANY MLB players have played there I belive including Hermida. Marietta seems to be a baseball/basketball/and football hotbed for some reason.

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Football: tie between Dan Marino and Tony Dorsett (although Marino gets the edge for actually BEING from the City)

Baseball: Honus Wagner

Hockey: Ryan Malone (because I can't think of anyone else)

Basketball: Pete Maravich

Coaching: Bill Cowher

Wrestling: Kurt Angle (Bruno Sammartino was born in Italy and could thus not be included)

Track: John Woodruff (Jesse Owens's teammate at the 1936 Olympics)

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