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Stadium talk in today's Miami Herald


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? Though more work is needed on the funding gap, word is recent progress has been made in the Marlins' stadium talks as MLB has become more involved. (One involved government official said he's a lot more optimistic now.)


The focus is on the downtown site just north of the Stephen P. Clark Center (not the Miami Arena site). Miami-Dade County manager George Burgess hopes to present a proposal to the commission in ``weeks, not months.''


Chatter Column in today's Miami Herald (By: Barry Jackson)




Sounds great!!!!

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Until a new ballpark is standing in front of me, I will remain skeptical.

no, until im sitting in a seat with a hotdog watching the marlins play, i will remain skeptical. and even then i will have to pinch myself

well if you buy yourself a ticket for '07's opener, that can become a reality :mischief


Oh you meant the NEW Stadium . . . :D

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Somehow it just seems like we'll be hearing this same crap 50 yrs. from now.

"oh, we've made progress, blah blah blah..."

No, 5 things make it different this time:


1) South Floridians are in State House/State Senate leadership (at least I think it's both houses??)

2) No Joe Arriola

3) MLB is involved

4) Crist said it's not a stretch to think of stadiums as "economic development"--has a governor ever said that before?

5) Downtown above Government Center is the first good site since Bicentennial Park.


It's going to get done.

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