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Police investigate possible explosives at Port of Miami


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Miami-Dade police are investigating the possible discovery of an explosive device at the Port of Miami-Dade today, just a day after an incident at the facility sparked a national security scare.


The Miami-Dade bomb squad has been sent to the port -- for the second day in a row.


Few details were known as of 3 p.m.


According to police, during the scanning of material being unloaded into the port, an explosive-detecting machine went off, indicating the possible presence of explosive material.


''The bomb squad is checking it out; sometimes we get false positives but we're not taking any chances,'' said Miami-Dade police spokesman Roy Rutland.


Andria Muniz-Amador, spokeswoman for the port, said a cargo pallet being screened set off an alarm for C4, a high level of explosive material.


On Sunday, federal, state and local agents rushed to the port after an Iraqi driver tried to enter the port without proper paperwork. The incident was called a false alarm.




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Guest Juanky

Looks like the package was blown up:


MIAMI (Reuters) - Traces of explosives were detected on Monday on a pallet of merchandise that was to be loaded onto a cruise ship at the Port of Miami, and a suspicious item was blown up as a precaution, police and coast guard officials said.


Scanning instruments sounded an alert during a routine examination of the pallet as it was being removed from a truck, and the Miami-Dade County Police bomb squad was sent to the busy port to investigate, spokesman Roy Rutland said.


"They positively tested for C-4 explosives. The coast guard is establishing a security zone around the cruise ship," U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Jennifer Johnson said on CNN.


C-4 is a putty-like explosive used for demolition and military purposes.


Television images showed the bomb squad blowing up an object at the port, but it was unclear what the object was.


It was the second security scare at the port in two days. On Sunday, police detained a truck driver and two passengers who tried to enter the port without proper identification.


An anti-terrorism task force made up of federal and local police agencies was alerted, but investigators determined that neither the men nor their cargo of automotive electronics posed a threat.


The driver and his brother, both Iraqi nationals, and the other passenger, a Lebanese citizen, were held for questioning and jailed on charges of trespass and resisting arrest without violence. But the charges were later dropped.


Police blamed the incident on "miscommunication" between the driver and seaport guards.


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