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Giants sign Russ Ortiz to 1 year deal


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OK, I know this means absolutely nothing to everyone here... Except maybe Zito75... and I'm sure other Giants fans are actually cursing this move, or questioning it at the very least.. I, for one, like it very much. We have nothing to lose. We're paying him the league minimum to try and prove himself. If he does well, he's our 5th starter. If not, he gets cut..


I am so rooting for this guy. I hope he comes back and shows that he can still pitch. If he can comeback and show signs of the old Russ Ortiz, that will be one pretty darn good rotation... Barry Zito, Matt Cain, Matt Morris, Noah Lowry, and Russ Ortiz..


Anyways, I'm not keeping my hopes up, but I'm getting flashbacks of 2002 with Ortiz and Rich Aurlia back.



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Haha.... I actually think I remember that too...


As for Ortiz, it's nice to see the love for him. He was always one of my favorites too. What a great story it would be if he came back strong with his original team... Scouts are saying he pitched very well in the Puerto Rican league. And I would hope the scouts aren't looking at results, but rather velocity, pitch location, etc...

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