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UM recruiting thread


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Ex-Atlantic lineman Franklin chooses UM

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Special to the Palm Beach Post


Monday, January 22, 2007


Former Atlantic High School offensive lineman Orlando Franklin has recommitted to the University of Miami.


He returned Sunday from an official recruiting visit to the University of Georgia and made his choice with advice from his mother and Atlantic assistant coach Bill Ceasar.



The 6-foot-6, 330-pound tackle was a prized recruit for the Hurricanes last year. He took summer classes at UM, but the NCAA Clearinghouse ruled him academically ineligible, citing two English courses he took while living in Canada.


Franklin also took an official visit to Florida Atlantic.





Franklin Recommitted to UM, Perry did too. Seems Marve the Florida Highschool player of the year is going to maybe come to Miami as well (UM, Hawaii or Alabama).


Randy Shannon is putting together a very impressive draft class


Maybe I should make this a general College football recruiting thread? I am sure the OSU, UF, FSU, Iowa and other fans here of teams would enjoy a thread to debate and boast about their recruits :)

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Also the jackasre just took UM's committed QB.

i bet their stepped-up recruitment of him was partly in retaliation for us coming after marve and mckenzie.


i don't particularly mind, either--especially if it brings us marve.

I think we are going to get marve he is wearing UM stuff on an interview he had. Couple of herald and sun and post articles about him as well. He would be a good pick up, I like the kid.

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UM football staffers not only are confident they will lure QB Robert Marve, but they're also optimistic about Homestead DB Joseph Nicolas (a Rutgers oral commitment) and Miami Monsignor Pace DB/WR DeMarcus VanDyke (a Gators oral commitment). . . . Miami Northwestern High coach Roland Smith said RB Antwain Easterling, whom UM has stopped pursuing, is considering Rutgers, North Carolina and Southern Mississippi. . . .


Ex-UM LB Willie Williams, working with a personal trainer in Miami Beach, has told people he will sign with Louisville. . . . UM receiver Ryan Hill, who might shift back to cornerback, won't be allowed to join UM's baseball team because ''coach [ Randy] Shannon felt he needed to work more on academics,'' baseball coach Jim Morris said





Looks like we are swiping from Rutgers, DVD From UF and Marve :)


Anyone else find it amusing that if UM went after Easterling still we would be getting Crushed in the media like we did with Willie Williams? But the other schools get a free ride because they arent UM. That said I am glad we arent we can use good press for once.

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Thought you guys might be interested, Rivals.com had their current top 25 recruiting classes so far, here they are:


Here's the current top 25:

1. Texas

2. Tennessee

3. LSU

4. Southern Cal

5. Florida

6. Notre Dame

7. South Carolina

8. Georgia

9. Nebraska

10. Illinois

11. Auburn

12. Michigan

13. Georgia Tech

14. Virginia

15. Oregon

16. Ole Miss

17. Ohio State

18. Alabama

19. Virginia Tech

20. Oklahoma

21. Pittsburgh

22. Clemson

23. Penn State

24. Colorado

25. California


I'm sure it will be updated soon. It's hard to believe there are three schools ahead of USC at this point, but there you have it.

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^^^^I don't know how old your list is, but USC is #7 on the current list, not #4. Also, Florida is #1, not #5.


That said, these rankings are very deceptive before signing day. Before signing day, the overall rankings favor schools that have secured more commitments, and thus have accumulated more points. Schools that have already recruited full classes (e.g., South Carolina, Pitt, and Colorado) will look stronger than they really are when compared amongst schools like USC, Bama, and Miami, which are more selective with whom they recruit and thus have fewer commitments before signing day.


Sorting the list by average number of stars should give you a better idea of selectivity right now (USC would be #1 on both rivals and scout.).


The overall rankings picture should look a bit less skewed when signing day comes around, though I don't expect UM to crack the top 10, since we have fewer scholarships to give out for this class. In terms of average talent, however, we'll easily be in the top 10.

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This man is the one we need, If we get bailey, DVD and Marve. This and Wright are the two kids we need most. Thompson is a monster and would become a stud WR for us.



Also there is a big recruiting trip this weekend with Major Wright coming a 5* safety. Also DVD might come here instead of UF (4* safety). We just stole Calais Campbell's kid brother Jared Campbell supposedly from Colorado 3* S/CB


Also we have one of Louisville's commits coming in this weekend. We might swipe him too. But Wright and Thompson are the big 2 if we get bailey, DVD and Marve. I dont see anyway we can get Chad Jones or McKnight the two other kids I really wanted here. Jones is going to visit LSU this weekend so sounds like he will be locked up there.


Here is Deonte Thompson's bio on scout.com (I like that place better then rivals)

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here is the rivals article upon marve btw and his meeting with nix :)



Tampa (Fla.) Plant High School QB Robert Marve spent over three hours with new Cane offensive coordinator Patrick Nix tonight.


And Nix scored big with the highly rated quarterback.



So much so that Marve says he will be decommitting from Alabama, something he hadn't done to this point.


"I'm not an Alabama commitment anymore -- I'm going to inform their coaches that right now," Marve said. "Miami's definitely passed to the front, I'll say that. But (my family) has to talk more."


If UM remains his frontrunner for six more days the Canes will get his official nod of approval at a press conference Wednesday.


The time of the press conference has not yet been determined.


Marve is leaving for an official visit to Hawaii tomorrow and won't return until late Monday night.


His final three consists of UM, Hawaii and Alabama.


And Nix may prove to be the clincher for the Canes.


"It went really, really well today," Marve said of Nix's visit. "He watched my highlight film with me, just said he really liked a lot of stuff, said my arm was really strong, that I keep my eyes down the field and make plays with my feet, said I could help with the offense in Miami.


"He's a personable guy that cares about players, a religious guy who cares ? it's not just a job to him."


Marve says the Nix visit "helps Miami a lot. I love the whole coaching staff at Miami, the area of Miami. [Nix] is a guy I like who can help Miami's offense. I don't think the offense has been bad. I think it's just been some things here and there that have gone wrong."


Marve says he questioned Nix on the type of offense he will run at Miami.


"I think the offense will be really balanced," Marve said. "He wants to get the running attack down and throw the ball down the field, a pro-style offense.


"He answered all the questions and my parents really liked him."


Marve's high school coach, Robert Weiner, was in the meetings with the Nix family.


His take?


"It went really well," he said. "I got a chance to get some time with coach Nix and (Joe) Pannunzio. I talked about some concerns I had. His parents then came and asked some questions. Then the parents talked with Pannunzio while Robert, coach Nix and myself got down to talking some good football for about an hour. It was a great visit."


Weiner said Nix was very impressive throughout his time in Tampa.


"He is a knowledgeable football coach and, most importantly to Robert, his family and me ?- it was important to establish a relationship with him because Robert will be spending most of his time with coach Nix (if Marve chooses Miami)," Weiner said. "I think (Nix is) a quality, quality human being and coach. Before (the visit by Nix) there was still an unknown factor about Miami. There were questions Robert needed to get answered. Now Robert got them answered."

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Wow this would be huge. I dont think there is any way he could pick hawaii over miami or even bama. He probably just wants the free trip. If he is really that good there is a great chance he would be redshirted this season (wright is a senior), then he would have a chance to start in 08 and be the qb for 4 years.

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Jared Campbell officallly committed to UM last night :) per rivals

We didn't really 'steal' him from Washington.


He says he was waiting on a Cane offer and got it Jan. 22 when Walton text messaged him that Miami has room for him in the class. He had the offer letter faxed to his school Jan. 24.


He wanted to come here. We just took our time before deciding to give him an offer.

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