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What colleges have you been accepted to?


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I haven't left community college yet, but I got into University of Mary Washington, Longwood University, Old Dominion University, and James Madison University. I didn't get into my first choice (William & Mary) and didn't apply for my dream school (Oregon State University).


I'm going to James Madison University, I haven't filed a FAFSA yet.

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This reminds me I need to file my FAFSA.


I applied and was accepted to 4 schools last year. (4/4....not a bad batting average....not meaning to gloat)

1) Florida State University - GO NOLE METEOROLOGY! (I picked and currently attend FSU)

2) Georgia Institute of Technology - Decent Atmospheric Sciences program with large endowment by Ford Motor Co.

3) Tulane University - I applied 2 days before Katrina as a Chem. Major, but it is a respected college in sciences

4) Florida International University - Hometown discount given to FIU as I grew up on campus basically and they have good Science programs including Engineering and Chemistry.

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My ROTC SAI (teacher) keeps trying to push me towards James Madison... probably because he used to live near it... what can you tell me about it?


It's an absolute ball. It's in the Shenandoah Valley in Northwest Virginia - there are about 14,000 undergraduate students there, and the women are absolutely gorgeous.


The school itself is a very good academic institution as well, as good as the University of Virginia or Va Tech. What are you planning on studying?

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