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Jesus Camp


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Has anyone seen this documentary? I found it very interesting, but also disturbing.


I wanted to, but forgot about it. I posted a thread on it awhile back. I'm sure it came through here and I missed it.


But, I definitely dig the part in the trailer where that 10 year old with the crazy crewcut/mullet combo says, "I just want more out of life" and they cut to him preaching. Hilarity.


Tell me more about it, please!

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Alright. Basically, it follows this woman Evangelical preacher and her summer camp for Evangelical kids in North Dakota. Most of the kids that they focus on specifically are from the suburbs of St. Louis. The film was disturbing in the things that these Evangelicals were teaching their kids.


Some highlights are:

-Kids are being taught (at ages 3-10) that they should be prepared to lay down their lives for the Lord.

-Kids being told that they need to pray for judges who will oppose abortion rights

-Kids (and adults) speaking in tongues

-Evangelical kids being taught that evolution is insane

-Adults preaching that it doesn't matter how we use our resources here, and basically that Earth is not even a fraction as important as making it to Heaven.

-The adults putting those "Life" red papers over the kids' lips, who I doubt know anything about either the Supreme Court or Roe v. Wade

-Families reciting some different Pledge of Allegiance which was not to America, but to the Lord.

-Appearance by the (now former) head of the Evangelicals, Ted Haggard.

-Kids basically being taught that they need to be 'Soldiers of the Lord'

-The woman preacher justifying her indoctrination of these kids by saying that Muslims are doing the same thing

-Some of the young kids showing up at the Supreme Court in D.C. with those 'Life' signs on their mouths again


The documentary is about 90 mins long, but is an interesting and scary look at the Evangelicals and their teachings.

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