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Salisbury Comments

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Did anyone hear his post game remarks that have caused controversy, if not, here is what he said:


"I saw a calmness about him. We've always known he's a great player, but a calmness that said, 'You know what, no need to panic. We'll nip, we'll tuck, we'll go, we'll crunch, we'll Jew, we'll do it all.' And he nickeled and dimed 'em, and Peyton made the play when it mattered."


ESPN has said that he said "chew," and not "jew." However, the audio says otherwise, and it is pretty obvious what he meant when he said it. Here is a link.



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Using the word 'Jew' doesn't even make sense in this context.


Reference to 'nickle and diming' the defense, like 'jews' would is what people are saying.


To clarify my stance, I don't think he should apologize or any action should have been taken against him by ESPN.....I just think IF jew was really used, then he is an idiot for the context he used the word in.


Edit: I changed the title name to give him some leeway.

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This picture says it all. Anyone else notice how unthin his hair looked after being in that rain? I didn't realize he was that close to bald.


That being said, if he MAY have said it, and they're not sure, which IS in the title ("Sean Salisbury, MAY have said") then that doesn't mean the words printed were what he actually said. It's just what he may have said.


I saw audio on this, I dunno, it really, really, really could go either way. I thought I heard chew, then read someone's comments and heard Jew, so...

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He may be one of the most annoying broadcasters this side of Joe Buck


Almost all of the "cocky, yet knowledgable" NFL "experts" are annoying. Granted, you ask me, Chris Berman is the absolute worst. of all time. One of the few who doesn't act retarded and have a tv persona is Clayton, who is just a dork.

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