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The Black Donnellys


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I've heard some say it's a cheesy Boondocks saints rip off. But I'm betting it's going to be NBC's second hit show of the year after Heroes which the network desperatly needs.


I don't know, maybe its the fact that I have a close Irish family that appeals it to me but I shall be watching Monday. Anyone else interested?

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Great pilot episode. It's a little more intense and dark than I thought it would be, but some of the acting was fantastic. This could be the show that carries on the mob genre now that Sopranos is done. It all depends on how deep they can work the characters, and if they can create a good balance between the family loyalty and crime aspects.


The main antagonist is an actor that I really love, Kirk Acevedo. He did an excellent job in both 'Oz' and 'Band of Brothers'.

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