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Forrest Gump Sequel?


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According to www.thatotherblog.com:


An absolutely reliable, unfortunately anonymous source, contacted Cinema Blend on Wednesday night with the latest scoop on Forrest's impending return. It seems that old 2001 Eric Roth screenplay is being dragged out of development hell for another look by Gump producers Steve Tisch and Wendy Finerman.


Roth's sequel script was based on Groom's followup novel, "Gump & Co". "Gump & Co" takes place several years after "Forrest Gump" and finds Forrest's shrimping business failed and Jenny dead, leaving Forrest a single unemployed father. As you'd expect, Gump still stumbles through more important historical events. In this case it's a cavalcade of history from the 80s and 90s. He even meets Tom Hanks.


The truly important question here is whether or not Tom Hanks will return. The source says Finerman and Tisch are talking to him, but there's nothing definitive yet. It is however likely that Gary Sinise will be back as Forrest's battle damaged buddy Lt. Dan. If Tom can't be talked into it, will they replace him? Word is they want this in theaters within the next couple of years, so while it's possible, let's hope they're smart enough to scrap it if he's not interested.




Take this info with a grain of salt. I don't know what to think about a sequel. I guess it'll be cool to see Forrest in other historical events, but at the same time, I wish they would leave the story as is. Forrest Gump is such an amazing movie. I am afraid of them ruining it with a sequel. But who knows... if it does happen, maybe it'll work out.

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Not that he's against it (I don't know), but has Tom Hanks ever done a sequel to a movie he starred in? I feel like he's one of the few actors never to be involved in a sequel...


Toy Story 2? I know it's animated, but still.

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How can someone not like Forrest Gump?! I dont mean to sound like an ass.. but how can one not enjoy that movie

I found it to be nothing more than a fragmented, unfocused, and melodramatic portrayal of American history. I also don't have a strong appreciation for the craft of Robert Zemeckis. Other than Return of the King, Forrest Gump is probably the worst Oscar best picture winner I've seen. Everything is just so contrived.




First Back to the Future hater I've EVER met.

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