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I hope I have power when I get home tonight.


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Rockland public landing evacuated



By Staff

ROCKLAND (April 16): Rockland police have evacuated the town's public landing due to the high waves and water that are making the area unsafe. Police closed the area around 11 a.m. and said it will remain closed until further notice. The area has been barricaded and people are asked to stay away as long as conditions continue to be unsafe.


CMP reports thousands of area power outages

By Staff


AUGUSTA (April 16): Central Maine Power crews were out in full force Monday, responding to reports of damage caused by a strong coastal storm packing high winds and heavy rains.

At 12:40 a.m. Monday, CMP reported that 9,300 Rockland area residents were without power. Throughout the state an estimated 100,000 CMP customer accounts were without service.


Alfred, Portland and Brunswick service centers have been hit the hardest; however, damage is being reported throughout CMP?s 11,000-square-mile service area.


CMP has had reports of wind gusts exceeding 80 mph in coastal areas.


“The strong winds from this storm have already done tremendous damage to the power system in Southern Maine and the Midcoast, and with high winds expected to continue through today, things will likely get worse before they get better,� said CMP spokesman Gail Rice.


“In York County, Greater Portland and the Midcoast, our crews have had their hands full responding to emergency calls and making the scene safe near downed power lines," said Rice. "They have not been able to begin assessing damage or making repairs, so some customers in coastal areas between Kittery and Bristol could be without service for several days.�


CMP has brought in tree crews and outside contractors, and continues to seek mutual aid from utilities in other states, according to a CMP statement.


The following CMP service centers have reported power outages:


Portland, 26,159

Brunswick, 25,094

Alfred, 19,238

Rockland, 4,852

Lewiston, 2,535

Bridgton, 1,855

Farmington, 706

Augusta, 656

Skowhegan, 345

Dover, 137

Fairfield, 46


CMP suggests customers keep battery-operated flashlights and radios on hand along with drinking water and nonperishable foods. It advises customers to use caution when using alternative heating sources and generators.


CMP also urges customers to use caution if they see downed lines. “Everyone should stay clear of any downed power lines and fallen trees or limbs that may be tangled in the lines,� said Rice. “These should all be considered live and dangerous. Customers should leave the clean-up to our crews, who are trained and equipped to handle these situations safely.�



Spruce Head Island residents stranded by storm



By Leanne M. Robicheau

VillageSoup/Knox County Times News Editor


SPRUCE HEAD (April 16): Spruce Head Island residents became stranded around noontime Monday when fire officials shut down access to a bridge that spans the mainland and island due to a severe nor'easter and astronomically high tides.


"We've got it shut off," South Thomaston Fire Chief Bryan Calderwood said. "We will cross if [islanders] have emergencies only."


The number of residents stranded on the island was not immediately known. Some lobstermen fishing from the island also are unable to check their boats, Calderwood said.


The bridge was still standing, he said, at around 1 p.m., but the conditions had become too unsafe for people to drive or walk on the structure. A portion of the road has given way on the mainland side, he said. Until further notice, no one will be allowed to cross the bridge, except for emergency personnel, if necessary.







Also, I hear a tree fell into a house and they've blocked off my street because of it. My grandfather went to check out the public landing and said there was at least a foot of water and it's even torn down part of the wall. I may get lucky, however, because I live on the main strip where all the businesses are, so they'll try to keep power in that area.



UPDATE: My grandfather just called me to say he drove past my house and I currently have power.

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You guys didnt get snow did you?

Down in RI, we just got rain.

We got snow when it first started, but it changed over to rain last night and stayed that way. It's currently just drizzling. Up here at school (Waterville), we never lost power but evidently at home (Cape Elizabeth), our house doesn't have power. The rest of the family is away anyway, so it doesn't really matter but when they called in to get any messages from the answering machine there was nothing on the other end.

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But I got a question for you, MarlinsMY. How's the conditions in Waterville right now? I have to drive up there for a meeting tomorrow.

It's pretty clear - most of the snow is gone, and I haven't seen any flooding. I think the roads are in good shape, and so they should remain that way for tomorrow.

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