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Congratulations to Vanden Hurk

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BTW: I hate this Vanden Hurk as a trading chip talk. Who do you want in return for him, give me a name.


IMO his stuff is right up there with most of the top pitching prospects like Homer Bailey,Phil Hughes,Matt Garza( I consider Lincecum and Gallardo to be a notch above all those guys). Yet there is no way his trade value is that high. The guy has never been a top prospect, just had TJ surgery and has barely pitched in the minors. Teams aren't going to give up a top CF or catching prospect for him, and rightfully so.


He probably has the best curveball in the entire organization right now plus he compliments that with a great live fastball and his delivery is just so smooth. Let him develop a little longer and work on a change up and I see no reason why he can't be a front of the rotation starter. Do you? I mean please, someone tell me why I am being unrealistic. I am not basing this on tonights start alone, BTW. I've been high on him all year and loved his stuff in the bigs even after he had an ERA 12.75.


Plus, I know everyone seems to think we are just loaded with starting pitching prospects about to bust through the pipeline, but that is not reality. Reality is most of those guys we were so high on a year ago are struggling big time and look like they will need a lot more time to develop.

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