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Asuante Samuel on Jets Radar


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Samuel on Jets? radar

By Albert Breer/ MetroWest Daily News

Wednesday, June 6, 2007 - Updated: 07:00 AM EST


FOXBORO - Asante Samuel has a solid case for seeking a cash bonanza from the Patriots If they won?t pay him what he wants, he knows other teams will.


And one just might be the New York Jets.


According to a source with knowledge of the situation, “several teams� have expressed a willingness to meet Samuel?s asking price, which is a contract in the neighborhood of the eight-year, $80 million deal free agent Nate Clements signed with the 49ers.


The Patriots offered a one-year, $7.79 million franchise tender that Samuel has yet to sign.


The source said the Jets inquired about Samuel, but declined to acknowledge their interest or disclose if it was affected by the NFL draft-day trade that netted Pitt corner Darrelle Revis in the first round.


A second source added that the Patriots are holding firm for the two first-round picks they?d receive as compensation, if Samuel signed an offer sheet and they declined to match.


While it appears unlikely any of Samuel?s suitors will meet that demand, the Jets at least tested the waters. Their interest makes sense. New York coach Eric Mangini served as Samuel?s secondary coach in 2003-04 and defensive coordinator in 2005 before taking the Jets job. He knows what Samuel can do.


The Jets are in solid salary cap position, with roughly $6 million to spend, though a portion of that money will be used to sign draft picks. Regardless, there?s room to fit Samuel with a little maneuvering. The bigger issue would be getting him out of New England, since the Pats are unlikely to deal with their rivals. Reached by e-mail last night, Samuel?s agent, Alonzo Shavers, declined comment.


The market for top-flight corners was set at the start of free agency when Clements inked his megadeal with the 49ers. The contract includes a $10 million signing bonus and a $10 million option bonus next year, which voids the final year of the deal, making it a seven-year, $64.02 million pact.


Also, the final three years of Clements? contract are worth $34 million, money the corner may never see.


The cornerback market was further defined by Dre? Bly, who signed a five-year, $33 million contract with $16 million in guarantees after being acquired by the Denver Broncos in a trade with Detroit. Bly?s contract may be a more accurate barometer of Samuel?s worth.


Meanwhile, the Pats opened their minicamp yesterday at Gillette Stadium, and players continued to keep their focus on the field.


“The guys that you?ve played with in the past, there?s a personal relationship with them,� said fellow corner Ellis Hobbs [stats]. “But I think all of us that have been in the league understand that it?s a business. I mean, the league changes over every year. You lose players, you gain players. One person moves out, the next person moves in.


“We have to understand that and play with the people that are here.�








I think it would be a great move by the jets. They are currently about 6 million under the cap. They would need to cut or trade david barret who currently makes 4 mil a year. Even though they drafted Revis in the first round, I think this would be a good move. Samuel is a top 3 CB in the nfl. If Revis turns out to be very good, the jets could just trade away Dyson in the offseason.


However... I do not like the idea of the patriots having 3 first round picks next year.

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Meh. 2 first rounders? :lol


This guy had one good season and he is looking for Nate Clements money? Please.


It wont be two first rounders, because any team can sign him right now for that price. (I believe)

Regardless he is asking for waaaay to much.


Ya he will be expensive, there is no doubt about it. However I am sure there are several teams that will line up to bid on him. I think he gets traded somewhere during training camp. The question is to where.

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?New York has not been in contact with us,? a representative from Infinite Sports said in an e-mail, responding to a Daily News query. ?Whatever has been circulating can not be confirmed by us.?





maybe they havent contacted him then.


I will be happy if:

1) he gets traded to the jets

2) gets traded out of the division

3) holds out for 1-10 games (so he misses the opener vs the jets)

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