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Atlanta Series Pictures


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Max and I were in Atlanta for the Braves series. We went to Monday and Wednesday's games. On Monday, we arrived early for batting practice. We got to meet Uggla, Dontrelle, Olivo, Miggy, Treanor, and Hanley. I got them to sign a ball we brought with us. It was all amazing. The fans weren't too nasty on us. We got some stupid comments and the evil eye, but nothing too bad. It was all way worth it to be able to cheer real loud after our wins.


Here are some pics:


Game 1



Uggla & I







Cabs' signature on our ball.



Harris falling over before the little scuffle.


Game 4







For the rest of the pics, go here:


Game 1: http://public.fotki.com/cubanprncs81/flori...lins-at-braves/


Game 4: http://public.fotki.com/cubanprncs81/flori...fish-at-braves/

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:thumbup Nice pictures... Did Dan call you "Hey yo girl?". Everytime he sees me he says that.


No, but he was pretty cool. I told him we came up from Miami and he was very happy with that. He was just saying that it was really nice to meet us. I showed him my shirt (I was wearing my Uggla shirt) and he was like, "Hey, you're rocking it!"


He probably just knows you already. :p

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