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Sunday Round Up: Pascucci hits 19


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Val Pascucci hits his 19th homerun in Albuquerque's 15-7 loss to Memphis

  • Robert Andino: 1/3
  • John Gall: 0/3
  • Todd Linden: 1/2 2r 2b
  • Val Pascucci: 1/3 2r hr(19) 2rbi bb k
  • Chad Hermansen: 1/3 r hr(8) 2rbi bb
  • Brett Carroll: 0/4 k
  • Paul Mildren: (L, 4-5) 2ip 7h 9r(8er) 5bb k hr
  • Ricardo Rodriguez: 5ip 6h 3r(3er) 2bb 4k hr
  • Chris Young: 1ip 3h 3r(3er) 0bb k hr
  • Matt Yourkin: 1ip 1h 0r 0bb k

John Purdom hits his first Mudcat homerun in Carolina's 5-4 win over Tennessee

  • Dante Brinkley: 0/5 3k
  • Grant Psomas: 1/5 2k
  • Vince Harrison: 1/5 r rbi k
  • Jai Miller: 2/5 r rbi 2k 2sb(5)
  • John Purdom: 1/2 r hr(1) 3rbi bb k
  • James Russ: 6ip 7h 3r(2er) bb 4k
  • Scott Nestor: 1ip 2h 0r 0bb 0k
  • Craig Molldrem: 1 perfect inning, 2k
  • Jimmy Serrano: (BS,1) .2ip 1h 1r(1er) bb 0k
  • Blake McGinley: .1ip 0h 0r 0bb 0k
  • Chris Mobley: (W, 2-0) 2ip 3h 0r bb 0k

Andy Jenkins gets 3 more hits but the Hammerheads fall 4-3 to Vero Beach in 10 innings

  • Andy Jenkins: 3/5 r k
  • Brad McCann: 1/4 r rbi 2k
  • Brad Davis: 0/2 rbi 2bb k.... getting ready to get back to Albuquerque
  • Kris Harvey: 1/2 rbi bb
  • Colin Roberson: 0/4 k
  • Wes Letson: 3.2ip 7h 3r(3er) 0bb 3k 2hr
  • Kurt Koehler: 2.1ip 2h 0r 0bb 2k
  • Jeff Gogal: 3 perfect innings, 5k
  • Jason Jarrett: (L, 0-1) .1ip 2h 1r(1er) 0bb 0k

Graham Taylor wins his 7th game as the Grasshoppers beat Kannapolis, 4-2

  • John Raynor: 1/4 r 2b sb(26)
  • Chris Coghlan: 1/4 2b
  • Jacob Blackwood: 1/4 r
  • Logan Morrison: 1/4 r 2b k
  • Spike McDougal: 1/3 2b rbi k
  • Chris Hatcher: 1/3 r sb(5)
  • Greg Burns: 1/3 sb(16)
  • Graham Taylor: (W, 7-1) 6ip 4h 1r(1er) 0bb 4k
  • Chris Leroux: 1ip 1h 0r bb 0k
  • Rudolfo Encarnacion: .1ip 2h 1r(1er) 0bb k
  • Jay Buente: (S,1) 1.2ip 0h 0r 2bb k


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Any chance that Pascuzzi gets even a cup of coffee this year? I know he is probably just an AAAA player but those are still pretty sick numbers and I would love to see what he could do.

Probably not. Gonna need to be more injuries. Anyway there's a bunch of guys like Mitch Jones, him, Craig Brazell who are torching that league.

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