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Six games out of first as of 6/12/2007


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I'll tell you what if Olsen starts pitching like he is capable of that is a huge upgrade. No I don't mean he has to pitch like he did tonight or anything, but just stringing together a few starts in a row where he gives up 2-3 runs instead of 4-5 that is huge. Then Josh comes back and pitches like he is capable of, maybe not to the capacity of last season but just keeps us in games....that is huge. If Sergio just keeps doing his thing....that is huge.


We are in the race, who cares if we are closer to last than first. We are only 5 (or 5.5?) back and that is in the race. Biggest rule is you never look back. All we need are some breaks and quality starts.

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This board is so manic, one win and we are scoreboard watching when a few days ago some here were on suicide watch after we dropped the series to TB.




I was just thinking the same thing.


2 losses in a row and its Doomsday thread central and now were scoreboard watching.



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