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ok ok its been said 20 times by sox fans already, but i sincerely want to thank you guys. the whole southside of chicago thanks you! we had to take so much crap here in chicago, and you guys made the pathetic cubs and their loser fans look like the bunch of idiots that they truly are. thanks to your wonderful baseball team, we now get to point and laugh in the faces of the moronic cub fans who were so high and mighty 3 days ago. you have no clue how good that feels for us. you now have a large fan base on chicagos southside. as far as were concerned, you guys are the "far southside" of chicago (or we're in far north florida). i now own a florida marlins hat, and i wear it proudly. we are forever indebted to you. i seriously will support your team forever (unless we meet in the world series or interleague). i am excited to have a second team to really cheer for. i am very serious about being a marlin fan. thank you again! i plan on being a regular here now, and look forward to the world series and all future seasons!


(i need to stop refering to marlins fans as "you" and start saying "we")

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