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HAIL in Miami


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I'll never forget the only time I remember hail in miami. I was probably 8 years old or so and we had just bought a tent. The second I finished putting it up in the back yard, it started hailing. Lets just say I never got to use the tent because it had about 30 holes in it.

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Guest marlins02

i remember it hailed a few weeks ago when i was stopped at a red light. i couldnt believe how cool it got considering it was such a hot day.

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I don't exactly live in Miami, but it hails every now and then in Coral Springs, it's not earth shattering.

Well, it sure scared the sh*t out of me.


One moment I'm sitting around in my apartment, it's hot, and there isn't a drop of rain outside. The next moment I hear a very loud, continuous, machine gun spray of hail against my windows. Outside, there's wind, zero visibility, and traffic chaos.


The whole praying my windows don't break thing really gave me flashbacks to Wilma.




Channel 10 has a pretty crappy video up:


Hail, Lightning Hits Miami

Urban Flooding Advisory Lifted


POSTED: 5:17 pm EDT June 13, 2007


MIAMI -- Quarter-sized hail and lightning strikes dotted Miami's skyline Wedesday. Miami police said they received several reports of broken windows and there were power outages in Miami-Dade County and Broward County.


At least 13,000 Florida Power and Light customers have been left without power in Miami-Dade County and more than 7,000 do not have power in Broward, Local 10 reported.


Miami International Airport reported only a minor number of flight delays.


Quarter-sized hail was seen in the parking lot of Local 10 on Biscayne Boulevard.


The severe thunderstorms were located at:


# Coconut Grove

# Miami International Airport

# Downtown Miami

# Little Havana and Orange Bowl

# Key Biscayne

# Port of Miami


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Last summer I was working at Blockbuster in Plantation. I was supposed to get off shift, and I started hearing this immense pounding...looked outside and saw things smashing against the sidewalk and cars. I thought for sure we were under attack by the Eskimos.

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