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Name Changes


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I know many of you have changed your name throughout your stay on MB.com, and I am curious to see how many times some of you have changed your username, and the different usernames you have had.


I have had my name changed three times.


1. MrJiggyfly

2. ScandinavianBadger

3. Jiggy

4. SugarDaddy



(BTW I am extremely bored)

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Whatever you say Wilbanks.




what the hell?



when has this user ever not been das texan?





Never, you just created new accounts.






apples to oranges son.



apples to oranges. if it were up to me, you could never change your handle.

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President Wes Welker


I could be missing 1 but I don't feel like checking all of my old posts because I used to say some dumb ass sh*t. I probably still do.

Same, I wish I could delete all of my post prior to age 17. :confused

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