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Marlins Walk-Up songs


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So far I have:


Aaron Boone - Jim Jones - "We Fly High"

Alfredo Amezaga - Pitbull - "Bojangles"

Armando Benitez - Notorious B.I.G - "Big Papa"

Brett Carroll - Ozzy Osbourne - "Crazy Train" (Used it on Sat but had a different song sunday)

Cody Ross - Led Zeppelin - "Kashmir"

Dan Uggla - Roy Jones Jr. - "Can't Be Touched"

Dontrelle Willis - Fat Joe feat Lil Wayne - "Make It Rain"

Hanley Ramirez - DJ Unk - "2 Step" and Dj Unk - "Walk It Out"

Henry Owens - Metallica - "-Human"

Jason Wood - Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Can't Stop"

Jeremy Hermida - Mystikal - "Here I Go"

Joe Borchard - Korn - "Got The Life"

Josh Willingham - Pearl Jam - "Evenflow"

Kevin Gregg - Godsmack - "Keep Away"

Matt Treanor - Guns N' Roses - "My Michelle"

Miguel Cabrera - Daddy Yankee - "Machete"

Mike Jacobs - Elvis Crespo - "Suavemente"

Reggie Abercrombie - T.I. - "The King Back"

Rick Vanden Hurk - Van Halen - "Jump"

Sergio Mitre - Metallica - "Seek and Destroy" (I think that's it, but I haven't been fortunate enough to see Mitre pitch since the home opener)


Does anyone know the ones I am missing? I've been going crazy trying to find out what Olivo's theme is.

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It's funny, during tonight's telecast, Craig went up to the pressbox to find out who is the guy that plays the songs and who picks the songs. Basically the clubhouse attendant asks the player what song they want and then they play it when they come to bat/pitch.


Interesting note: Jacobs has 2 spanish songs, both picked by his wife!

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