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Saturday Autograph Sessions

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when does that start/end? I couldn't find anything on the marlins site. is it always three players? can they sign multiples? thx.



edit: only for kids 12 and under. omg.


Pre game down at Gate H. Otherwise known as The Strike Zone. And it's the first 100 kids 12 and under because they are promoting a family oriented atmosphere and not just for some that are getting things signed so they can auction them off on ebay the same night. Usually 2 players. Last night it was Messenger and Treanor. Times can vary but the times are given on a little flyer they hand out usually at the parking gate or occasionally when you enter the stadium.

The Strike Zone is a pretty cool thing on Saturdays and Sundays. Very family oriented. When it is a decent crowd on Saturdays the people sing along with and everyone pretty much gets into the Dueling Pianos. They aren't someone I would pay to go see, but it is still a pretty good time.

Ownership/management/team is doing a heck of a job this year on promoting a family oriented fun time at the ball park. It's a shame there are only a handful of us that actually know how it is all coming together. Some things you just can't see watching the home games on TV and studying the stats.

There is a guy that has four seats next to ours for Saturday games. He always brings kids to the games. Usually his own with one or two others, but sometimes with other kids. he sits there and explains things to them if they don't quite grasp things, and basically just lets them get the feel of being at the ball park. They always have a great time. And so do I just watching them and hearing the excitement in their voices.

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