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Monday Roundup: Carroll drives in winner


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Carroll drives in winner in 10th inning to lead Topes to 9-8 win over Omaha


John Gall 4/5, 3r, 1 hr (11), 3 rbi (40), 1 sb (6)

Brett Carroll 2/5, 1 2b (9), 3 rbi (40)

Scott Seabol 3/5, 2 r, 1 2b (19), 2 rbi (63)

Reggie Abercrombie 1/4, 1r, 2k, 1 sb (23), e (4)

Robert Andino 1/5, 1r, 3k, e (27)

Paul Mildren 5ip, 6h, 5r(2er), 2bb, 4k, 1hr

Harvey Garcia (H, 6) 1.1ip, 1h, 0r(0er), 1bb, 2k

Nate Field (H, 4) 1.2ip, 1h, 0r(0er), 1bb, 1k

Roy Corcoran (BS, 5) 1ip, 1h, 3r(3er), 2bb, 1k

Ross Wolf (W, 4-1) 1ip, 1h, 0r(0er), 0bb, 0k




Santin homers but Grasshoppers lose to West Virginia 7-5

John Raynor 2/5, 1r, 1 2b (24), 1K

Spike McDougall 2/4, 1r, 2k, 1 sb(16)

Daniel Santin 1/4, 1r, 1 hr (1), 3 rbi (3) NOTE: Kid is from Miami Dade College

Justin Webb 0/2, 1r, 2bb, 2k

Cristian Martinez (L, 3-3) 6ip, 5h, 5r (5er), 2bb, 5k

Michael Hyle 0.2ip, 2h, 1r(1er), 0bb, 1k

Avi Rasowsky 0.2ip, 1h, 0r(0er), 1bb, 1k

Jay Buente 1.2ip, 1h, 1r(1er), 0bb, 1k



Jacobs, Anetsberger and Lasater contribute in 6-5 Jammers win

Justin Jacobs 2/4, 2r, 1 hr (2), 1 rbi (9)

Ryan Anetsberger 3/4, 1r, 2 2b (4), 2 rbi (8)

Ben Lasater 2/3, 2r, 1 2b (8), 1 3b (1), 1 bb

Jay Voss 4.1ip, 8h, 5r (5er), 1bb, 0k

Andrew Battisto 1.2ip, 0h, 0r(0er), 0bb, 1k

Garrett Parcell (W, 1-1) 2ip, 1h, 0r(0er), 1bb, 3k

Steven Cishek (S, 3) 1ip, 0h, 0r(0er), 1bb, 2k



GCL Marlins tied 1-1 in the second inning when game called due to rain

Marcus Crockett 0/0, 1r, 1bb

Raul Escalona 1/1, 1 2b (4), 1 rbi (12)

Jonathan Van Looy 1 ip, 1h, 1r(0er), 0bb, 0k


Carolina and the rest of the Southern League had the night off; Jupiter was rained out.

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