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Thoughts on my predictions after 4 games.....

Das Texan

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Lets see...



Hollandsworth cant hit....his fielding tonight was not that great.

Torborg still sucks

Alex Gonzalez is not that bad of a player..nice defense..nice offense


I was right on the mark on those...






I was wrong.


Juan Pierre can thrive outside of Coors.




What is up with Castillo though? His offense has not been there and his defense has not been up to par...



Same thing with Lowell defensively...and whats up with that wrapping on his wrist???

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the wrapped wrist was a jammed finger he got when he stole a base on opening day.


and after watching hollandsworth play today we should of kept millar. it's not like hollandsworth has shown to be a better defensive outfielder.

thanks for the info on lowell.....




and i have yet to see a use for hollandsworth on this team...



he can hit from the left side...big damn deal....



so lets just sever ties with one of hte best pure hitters in teh game.




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And boy is he tearing it UP on his new team. We really could use him right about now.......


This ownership/management is insane.

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