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Bowl Challenge Standings (as of 1/5)


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Green denotes possible bonus.

Red denotes no bonus.



All 1 Point Games: 10 points

All 2 Point Games: 20 points

All 5 Point Games: 30 points

All 10 Point Games: 50 points

All 15 Point Games: 75 points

All BCS Games: 25 Points

All Games: 150 Points


Game schedule and breakdown can be found here.


If I have made a mistake, please PM me so I can make the change.


These standings are accurate after 30 games.

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Updated as of today's games.


Cleaned up and replaced the old spreadsheet, I had a double column in there and accidentally didn't put MrWhite in the standings.


2 players perfect so far.

3 players perfect in the 1 point games.

15 players perfect in the 2 point games.


Overall Win Percentage: .584

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Updated after the International Bowl.


Ramp and The Mike Mordecai Experience both won the bonus for a perfect 2 point game slate.


With two games left, Ramp has clinched the championship as he and The Mike Mordecai Experience both have LSU in the championship game.


Before I award any prizes, I will do a complete recount of the entire game to ensure I have no made any errors.


I will continue to update the standings Sunday and Monday night.

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