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What did you get for Christmas?


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30 bucks,an axe gift set, jeans, an American Eagle hoodie, a BKE 67 shirt, an Armani t-shirt, and some novelty shirts.

But the best part of Christmas is coming up in about thirty minutes, my Mom is like the best cook in the world. (If I ever get fat again it's all her fault)

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Pair of earrings

Tinker Bell purse

Justin Timberlake concert DVD

A diamond necklace that Max gave me, along with a FIU sweater and t-shirt combo


body splash from Bath & Body Works

Target gift card

Tinker Bell ornament

Lancome makeup

silver Tinker Bell charm

Tinker Bell t-shirt

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Although I get stuff all year long, still--- not even a card from anyone in my family. Yet, I managed to get:

Hubby: The first season of Ugly Betty

Daughter: Guitar Hero 3 Bundle for PS3

Son: Renewal of WoW and 2 DVD's

Father: His favorite cologne



Me: nothing. and, what's even worse is they didn't even notice.

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I gave:


Mom: Disney gift card she can use at Disney World

Max: FIU sweatshirt

Sister: perfume

Brother: Christmas ornament he wanted

Brother-In-Law: Virginia Tech mug (his alma mater... Go Hokies!)

Nephew: Pictionary for Kids

Niece: Disney princess makeup kit

Best friend: Strawberry Shortcake t-shirt

Max's mom: Wall candle-holders

Dog: squeaky toy (Yes, she is spoiled.)

Myself: Rainbow Brite t-shirts (I am on an 80's phase lately.)


Max paid for the rest of the stuff, like for his dad, for example.

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Guest Miggy is Great

Ipod, Some snow/skateboard with only two wheels, and a bunch of junk. I really wanted a Dan Lefevour Jersey tho. Anyone know where to get one?

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I gave my mom a $25 gift card from Barnes and Noble.

I gave my brother World of Warcraft for the PC.

I gave my cousin and his family a $50 candy gift basket from Winecountrygiftbaskets.com.

I bought my best friend a $25 gift card to Starbucks and some hand lotion. I'll probably give her gifts to her tommorow.

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