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Considering the volume of discussion in the NFL threads lately, my plan is to open this one just for the knockout rounds, then not open a new one until after the conference championships for the Super Bowl.


The Wild Card round of the Playoffs is upon us.


On Saturday, Washington will continue their quest for vengeance in Seattle, and Jacksonville will try to make it Groundhog Day in Pittsburgh.


On Sunday, Tampa Bay will host the Football Giants, while the Chargers try to break their home-playoff-game losing streak against the Titans.

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welcome to seahawks football - the reason i'll die young


they like to make things very interesting - especially in the playoffs


the GB loss


the loss to the rams where engram drops a TD as time expires


the cowboys win last year


the bears OT loss last year


and even this game they let a team hang around, washington got a couple of breaks and they needed to scramble to get that 21 point win


would of loved to be up there - just such a great vibe on gameday

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yeah - with the hawk leading the team on the field, the 12 flag ceremony - blue thunder


When I was up in seattle this past september (for the bucs game - sorry bro) my wife had her purse stolen and in it was our digital camera ... so these are from a crappy disposal I just had developed


this is the blue thunder drum line that plays around the stadium before the game and eventually gets the festivities started inside and sit by the 12 flag


then a pic from our seats with the retired #12 and #80


a pic of the wife and me with the water in the backdrop


the wife, myself and a certain pro-bowler


finally qwest and safeco from the columbia tower - definitely the best views in the city and only costs $5 to get to the observation rooms












glad I just had these done - with the playoffs makes me focus on all the good times, good people and experiences i've had regardless of outcome of the games - it's what it's all about to me - entertainment and a release - so appreciative of this ride and the fun over the past 6 years

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