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disapointing game - seattle's defense can't do much of anything


size beats speed in this muck


rough way to end the year but what can you do - weather like this is part of football


congrats to the pack - the hawks just need to remember this while playing next year and close out teams so they can be playing in their building (although next years schedule is brutal............)

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I know Jacksonville doesn't blitz much but you just can't let Brady sit back there all day...


on the other hand I guess they don't want to give up the big play, so the alternative is give them the short stuff and hope they make a mistake....

Exactly....with a guy like Brady, if you blitz, you better sack him. If not, he'll rip you apart.


If you're a Jags fan, you HAVE to be happy about where the game is now. Pats get the ball to start the third....a stop will do wonders for the D's confidence.

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