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Orlando Rays

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i see Wade gettin fired and maybe Garrett gettin promoted so they can keep him.





Awwww, TO was crying about the thought of Tony Romo getting the blame. TO said they lost as a team, and not to blame Romo.



You're strange.


I am so stoked to see the Cromartie vs Moss match-up next week. If there is any one player in the NFL who has a slight chance of containing Randy Moss, it is Antonio Cromartie.

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Antonio Cromartie will absolutely not contain Moss. No chance in hell.



See, in hell, I do believe there is a chance. Cromartie is 6'2'' 205 pounds, runs a legit sub 4.4, is quick, physical and moves his hips well. He is an absolute freak at the corner position, and yes he does have a chance to contain Randy Moss.


Am I saying he will? No.

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