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Court Awards Spears' Kids to Federline

Britney Still in 'Mental Lockdown' at Hospital After Police Ordeal


Posted: 2008-01-04 19:08:37

Filed Under: Britney Spears, Star Scandals, Music News

LOS ANGELES (Jan. 4) - A court commissioner Friday gave sole physical and legal custody of Britney Spears' two little boys to ex-husband Kevin Federline and suspended the troubled pop star's visitation rights.


Commissioner Scott Gordon issued a ruling the day after Spears was hauled away from her home by paramedics after police had to intervene when she refused to return the children to Federline after a court-monitored visit.


Kevin Federline's attorney, Mark Kaplan, said he had been at Spears' hilltop home late Thursday before an ambulance whisked the singer through a throng of paparazzi to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after a nearly three-hour standoff with Los Angeles police.


"I was up at the guard gate where (she) lives. I did not go in" to the home, Kaplan said. "I was up there only to bring a document ... that identified the existing court order" about the couple's custody arrangements and visitation schedule. He gave the document to a security guard.


Kaplan said he later went to Cedars-Sinai, but he declined to provide any details about Spears, her ex-husband, or their two sons.


Spears' mother, Lynne Spears, also would not disclose any information about her daughter's condition. "Just say prayers," she told the celebrity news show "Access Hollywood" by phone Friday.


PEOPLE is reporting that Spears is currently on a 72-hour "mental lockdown" evaluation at the hospital. Spears is reportedly being held on what's known as a "5150 Hold" in medical jargon, which considers a person to be "a danger to others, or to himself or herself, or gravely disabled."


PEOPLE also reports that it was Spears' court-appointed child monitor who called the police on Thursday evening, after the singer locked herself in a room with son Jayden.


Hospital spokeswoman Simi Singer wouldn't confirm or deny reports in entertainment media that Spears would be held for 72 hours for psychological evaluation.



Spears' latest troubles began around 8 p.m. Thursday when officers were called to her home because she refused to turn over her children to Federline as dictated by their custody agreement.


It took two to three hours to resolve the conflict, said Officer Ana Aguirre.



Brit's Ambulance Ride

"There was a time where she was within the residence and wasn't available to be speaking to the officers, apparently," she said. "There was no threat to the children."


"Police resolved the conflict," Aguirre said. "Both children were turned over to her ex-husband Kevin Federline for custody, and she was in fact taken to a local hospital for medical treatment."


Early police reports said officers thought Spears might have been under the influence of some substance but Aguirre said there was no evidence of that.


"Our understanding is that was not the case," she said.


Officers at the scene determined that paramedics "needed to be called" but it was unclear why, she said.


"We're not aware of any type of injuries that she sustained" and she was not combative with authorities, Aguirre said.


Spears wasn't arrested in connection with the custody dispute, Aguirre said.


"There was no actual crime that was involved," the police spokeswoman said.


Spears and Federline were married in October 2004. Her life has spiraled downward since their divorce in July. She has been photographed without underwear and appeared to be drunk and out-of-control in public. She shaved her head, beat a car with an umbrella and spent a month in rehab.


She had hoped to regain her pop crown with a much-hyped performance at MTV's Video Music Awards in September, but it was universally panned by fans and critics.


Still, Spears latest album, "Blackout," earned positive reviews when it was released in October and brought Spears her first No. 1 hit in years, "Gimme More."


However, Spears remains a paparazzi target for her bizarre antics, which include frequent stops at gas-station bathrooms and holing up in a hotel room with a paparazzo.


Her 16-year-old sister, Jamie Lynn, made headlines last month when she announced that she is pregnant.

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