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Alex Gonzalez


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Hey wuz up? im here chillin well anyways....im justin posting a message because so many of you talked bs about alex that he couldn't bat and all that...well yes he can bat just to many pop flys and he made a homerun last night and if it wasn't for him we would have lost the game....I think a deserved that his a very good person..Cuz its messed up about how everyone has a shirt and he doesn't but im sure now he well have a shirt..but its like he should have had a shirt from the beginning cuz U WIN AS A TEAM! everyone does something in a game to win and he plays very good shortstop so if it wasn't for him a couple of times their would have been more people on base but he gets them out...well im very happy for him and he deserves everything good in life...so i hope now u people notice that he is a good baseball player..u can't judge someone that u don't know...BYE :D

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