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Jim Rice a HOFer?


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Unlike many of his supporters (most of whom are Sox fans) who think it is the ultimate travesty if he doesn't get in.

Why do you keep bringing this crap up when having a discussion directed at me?


I've never insinuated that nor have I even brought up any conjecture or anything else to my stance that would make someone think that.


Don't you get on people all the time for making general, sarcastic statements based on the comments of a few?


This is why the board has dissolved a lot the past year to two years is because of pointless bickering about crap like that. I'm guilty of it too but man does it come to a head sometimes.


This discussion has gone in far too many circles now and is becoming repetitive.

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Guest CrimsonCane

Since looking into this helps me put off my paper for a little while longer, I did some searching over on Baseball Prospectus. According to VORP, this is how Jim Rice ranked in each of seasons from 1975-1986:


1975 - 34th

1976 - 52nd

1977 - 4th

1978 - 1st

1979 - 2nd

1980 - 73rd

1981 - 64th

1982 - 33rd

1983 - 17th

1984 - 59th

1985 - 34th

1986 - 11th


At least to me, his performance after the 1979 season didn't do very much to set him apart from his peers. Going soley by these figures, I think his hall of fame candidacy is a tough case to make. I don't know much about the guy. I was too young to see him play, so if someone can let me know what may be missing from these stats I'd like to know. Like I said before, I don't have any preference one way or another. I simply go wherever the data leads. If someone has stats or analysis to refute these points, all the better.

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