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DTV2009: U.S. Digital Transition/HDTV Thread


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Basically, in 2009 all the analog TV signals for people without cable or satellite (aka those who use antennas) will be shut off. Digital signals, most of them already on the air offering High Definition and Digital Television programming, will replace them. Those with an older TV will either need to get cable/satellite service, buy a new Digital TV/HDTV, or get a converter box. The gov't will give 2 coupons (worth $40 each) so that you can buy converter boxes for older TV's, but you need to ask for them.


Info on the transition: http://www.dtvanswers.com/

For the government converter box coupon program: https://dtv2009.gov/

Did you know you can get High Definition channels for free using an antenna/rabbit ears? http://www.myfreehdtv.org/

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Here's another article that just came out a few days ago that I happend to run across:





Basically, only the 1,760 Full Powered stations are required to go Digital, however there are 2,900 low power stations and 4,400 translator stations that are not, so anyone who buys the wrong box could find themselves with a blank tv after the transition. May not pertain to too many here, but still useful into nonetheless.



Nice Job, Cape. :thumbup

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So are you guys ready for the digital switchover? :D


BTW, I found a good site where they're discussing the ins-and-outs of HDTV and OTA:




This site also has some good information: http://www.rabbitears.info/index.php


Ish, even though I'm OK for now since I have cable, this is going to be quite an adjustment. I don't mean in the preparation aspect, as we have had plenty of time to prepare but in terms of getting used to new channel settings for digital as opposed to analog broadcasts. What I know is that there will be so-called virtual channels but the real channels will, in some cases, be different because they had to move around to avoid interference issues.



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Here is the list of stations that will switch to digital today: http://www.forbes.com/feeds/ap/2009/02/17/ap6061819.html


You may ask "What about the rest?" Well, the "esteemed" Congress and the "esteemed" President passed new legislation that delayed the transition to June 12th for most stations.




Basically, it means that the majority will not end analog today. That includes the biggest markets. So L.A., New York, Chicago, Philly, Miami, San Francisco: You're out of luck! Wait four more months. :thumbdown


Here is a .pdf of the stations that will transition by midnight tonight (colored in red):



For you television geeks, another cool thing that I found. You can look at the DTV Reception Maps. Just put in the zip code and it will give you a list of stations you can more or less receive in your area:


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