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PETA goes too far

Orlando Rays

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PETA launched a new "Sex Talk" commercial Monday drawing a link between unwanted teen pregnancies and animal spaying and neutering...and they're airing it in Jamie Lynn Spears' hometown.


The 30-second ad features parents who encourage their daughters to become sexually active. When one daughter asks her mother, "What if I get pregnant?" she responds with "pop out all the kids you can" and says, "If it has a pulse, you should be wrapped around it!"


The ad will air twice a day through Friday during "Good Morning America" in Kentwood, La., where the Spears family resides.


Spears, the 16-year-old sister of Britney and star of "Zoey 101," sparked controversy last month when she announced she was pregnant.


PETA's president Ingrid E. Newkirk said in a statement, "Just as Lynne Spears is under scrutiny because of her underage daughter's pregnancy, people who fail to spay and neuter their animals should also be feeling the heat."


The commercial concludes with, "Parents shouldn't act this way. Neither should people with dogs and cats. Always spay or neuter."


On its Web site, PETA points out the reason for the human-animal link, stating "one female cat can create 420,000 cats in just seven years, and an unneutered male cat can father limitless litters of kittens.


"Unwanted dogs and cats who never make it to animal shelters are abandoned and left to fend for themselves on the streets, where they are often subjected to cruelty and suffer from starvation, diseases, or injuries."

"If it has a pulse, you should be wrapped around it!" Should that kind of euphemism be used during the morning hours?


Seriously, WTF? Do they bother thinking about what they are airing?


Or should they have gone the full-disclosure route and added "the more babies for PETA to murder"?

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My cousin just went vegan and won't shut up about it. Annoys the hell out of me. Spewing all of this non-sensical propaganda.


I can understand some of the health reasons for the lifestyle, but biologically we as a species are undoubtably omnivores that have evolved the capability to grip and tear flesh. I give very little credence to any moral argument that is thrown at me.


Try living with one of those nutjobs.


I had to wait until he was not in the house to cook meat or the 'aura' of it would make him vomit.

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