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The crowd reaction in the opening segment was interesting. At first, it was mostly boos for Cena, then it was mostly boos for RVD....Carlito/Shelton was too slow, a bit of a bore....The Vince/Trips segment was strange, in that Vince reminded me of Shatner playing Denny Crane on "Boston Legal" for some reason....The Striker/Eugene match and segment was okay in that everyone in it served a purpose (most notably, Umaga)....


I didn't care for the Foley/Angle segment much. Don't know why- the mic work just didn't seem to be up to par....Anytime Murdoch gets the mic is a good time, and I have a feeling the Kane storyline will be slow to play out, a la the Mickie/Trish one....The Highlanders feels like a gimmick straight out of the mid-'90s....Boy, the fans did not care for Charlie Haas....Didn't Victoria get introduced in a similar way Beth is, i.e. she was a woman from Trish's past? Did we ever get a clear answer to what THAT was? Beth does show some promise....The main event segment was surprisingly short. Not that I'm complaining.

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That show was awesome.


Carlito/Shelton was pretty good with an awesome finish.


Nitro/Haas was better than it had any business being and was really solid.


The Eugene segment sucked until Umaga came out and took out Hacksaw.


Once again the ECW segments rocked. A top quality show with a couple of surprises and nothing that really sucked (for once). The Highlanders are awesome, by the way, I've seen some of their stuff from OVW and I don't know if they can wrestle, but they're really funny.

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Did anyone notice when Charlie Haas came out and ran the ropes that he pretty much killed Lillian Garcia.


Garcia was getting out of the ring and flew off the apron when Haas hit the ring. I hope she is ok cause after that match they had someone else doing the announcing...????


anyone else notice that???




Guess i wasn't this is from pwinsider.com


WWE is reporting that both Lilian Garcia and Beth Phoenix were hurt at tonight's Raw. Garcia took a nasty bump off of the ring when Charlie Haas ran into the ring and bumped her off of the apron. WWE is saying she suffered a sprained wrist and is being taken to a hospital for X-rays. Phoenix suffered what is being called by WWE.com a "fractured mandible" when Victoria hit her and will need oral surgery.

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TNAwrestling.com has added a new update regarding the upcoming TNA video game by Midway Games. As of June 1, production for the new game has started and Midway will be meeting with both AJ Styles and Samoa Joe to brainstorm ideas about gameplay. This was described as a big deal for Styles and Joe as both are avid gamers.


Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles are also scheduled to travel to Midway's studio in Los Angeles to start work on the motion capture stage of the game. Jarrett and Styles will be fitted with hundreds of digital sensors and will be the first characters created for the game. TNA intends on posting screenshots of the game as they become available from Midway.


The final game is slated to be available for the new XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 consoles next year. We will continue to follow this situation as it develops.


As noted, the 6/5 edition of TNA iMPACT! drew a final 1.1 cable rating and averaged an audience of 1.2 million viewers. This is down slightly from the 1.2 rating the show drew last week, the highest rated TNA show on Spike TV to date.


Although the show saw a slight ratings drop, Spike TV was very happy with the shows demographic numbers. The show drew a 1.2 rating among males 18-49, a 1.8 rating among males 18-34 and a huge 2.1 rating among males 25-34 for the Thursday timeslot.


Those demographic numbers made TNA the No. 2 rated cable show on Thursday night behind TNT's NBA Playoff coverage. It should also be noted that since TNA was moved to Thursday night eight weeks ago, the show has continued to average a 1.0 rating and has left Spike TV executives very confident about the series.


Sting is currently featured on the cover of the new double issue of Inside Wrestling / The Wrestler magazine that is available on newsstands everywhere.


ShopTNA.com will be providing a big 20% off sale after the Slammiversary PPV running from June 19-22 to celebrate TNA's four year anniversary. DVD's, t-shirts and more will be included in the sale.


As noted earlier, TNA cameras will be at the June 9 House Show in Philadelphia, PA at the former ECW Arena next Friday and are expected to shoot an angle involving Team 3D and The James Gang since it was heavily teased on both iMPACT! and on TNA's website this week.


TNAwrestling.com added the following schedule regarding upcoming TV and PPV tapings:


Mon, Aug 14 - TNA "iMPACT!" Spike TV Tapings - Orlando, FL

Mon, Sep 4 - TNA "iMPACT!" Spike TV Tapings - Orlando, FL

Sun, Sep 24 - TNA "No Surrender" PPV

Mon, Sep 25 - TNA "iMPACT!" Spike TV Tapings - Orlando, FL

Mon, Oct 9 - TNA "iMPACT!" Spike TV Tapings - Orlando, FL

Sun, Oct 22 - TNA "Bound For Glory" PPV

Mon, Oct 23 - TNA "iMPACT!" Spike TV Tapings - Orlando, FL

Mon, Nov 6 - TNA "iMPACT!" Spike TV Tapings - Orlando, FL

Sun, Nov 19 - TNA "Genesis" PPV

Mon, Nov 20 - TNA "iMPACT!" Spike TV Tapings - Orlando, FL

Sun, Dec 10 - TNA "Turning Point" PPV

Mon, Dec 11 - TNA "iMPACT!" Spike TV Tapings - Orlando, FL


Although it might be a case of looking into something that isn't there to begin with, it is interesting that TNA hasn't announced locations for upcoming PPV events from September on. Rumors continue to run wild that the company intends on taking PPV events out on the road. However, given how closely the PPV and TV tapings have become since they were moved to the Sunday-Monday format, it may seem unlikely at this point at least until January 2007.



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Guest FishFanInPA

Good show for the most part although I missed Cena at the end cause i had to drive home from work. Rey vs. RVD was a good match....good chemistry.....loved the Orton-Angle pop.....Orton is the f***in man....the battle royal was kinda lame with too many commercials...f*** Big Show by the way for traitoring.....Jazz vs. Mickie was interesting.....Edge's match was good and it sets up a bloody mess on Sunday night....someone's gotta fill me in on Mick's speech and the Cena match though.

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Guest FishFanInPA

I bet they screwed that up because he hit the floor at an awful angle.


"The Terry Funk punches to Mick Foley were 100% legit and Foley was busted the hard way. Believe it or not, Foley actually told Funk to blast him in the face the hard way." -- Wrestlinginc.com

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That Edge bump was pretty scary at first...i was surprised that Edge actually took the table bump....maybe he is growing balls....as for the Cena match...it was pretty much a squash in favor of Cena, til the Big Show came up and caused the DQ and that led to a huge brawl as the show ended.


Bri, you forgot to mention the mini-brawl between Tazz and Lawler...that was funny crap there

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I like the two separate entrances....The opening contest was really good, and this coming from someone who's by no means a Van Dam fan....I thought the Angle/Orton interview segment was pretty damn decent....I was looking forward to Jazz v.s Mickie, but it ended up too short to amount to anything....The battle royal had too many breaks, and I can't say I'm excited to see Big Show in ECW....


Dreamer/Edge was kind of a throw-away match, and didn't get me any more excited for their tag match Sunday, a match I was kinda looking forward to....Foley's interview was well-done, but the point was kinda lost in translation....Tazz and Lawler were hilarious throughout the show, and had a decent pull-apart in anticipation for the match Sunday....Cena/Sabu was disappointing (though I didn't know really WHAT to expect), and I think the predictible ending (big schmoz) hurt it. It just didn't have the same effect after seeing the same guys all in the ring together earlier....

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Guest FishFanInPA

your right, that was very funny.....Tazz is probably going to wipe the floor with him.......What's the predictions on whose going to win these matches on Sunday??? ECW has to win the right mix to be taken seriously but WWF can't get shut out.

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Guest FishFanInPA

WWE.com has learned that Paul Heyman has made an offer to World Champion Rey Mysterio to jump to ECW. The offer was extended in the locker room area after the WWE vs. ECW Head to Head special.


Sources close to the situation claim that Heyman is apparently trying to hedge his bets, meaning that if Mysterio accepts the offer, the World Championship would come to ECW regardless of the outcome of Sunday?s One Night Stand match between Sabu and Mysterio. Now that Big Show is an official ECW Wrestler, is Rey Mysterio far behind?

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Rey gets offered a spot on Smackdown. For his response you'll have to read spoilers or read the show.


I was at the show tonight and Edge is fine. Pretty good show live. I love how the Cena haters end up cheering for him when it's all said and done. Every time, every show I've seen they boo him to start and cheer him at the end. He is Hogan in some sense (who he reminds me of).

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That Edge bump was pretty scary at first...i was surprised that Edge actually took the table bump....maybe he is growing balls....



Edge didn't grow balls. He's been good at crazy stuff for as long as I can remember. He helped make those Ladder matches, tables matches and TLC matches fun. So I don't know what that's in reference to.


Oh, and Dreamer sucks. He was awful in-ring, he was Charlie Haas over. I think I hate him.

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Hardcore War Results - Fans Shower The Ring With Chairs! News

June 9th, 2006 20:24


By Bill Banks


TNAwrestling.com correspondent Ross Forman was present in Philadelphia for Friday's ?Hardcore War? TNA event. The event was sold out, and Forman provided live results from the show...


In the first match, Shark Boy defeated Simon Diamond with the Dead Sea Drop


In the next bout, Jay Lethal defeated Sonjay Dutt with a dragon suplex


"The Monster" Abyss defeated a bloodied Brother Runt of Team 3D after giving him a Black Hole Slam into the thumbtacks!


In a battle between TNA Knockouts, Traci defeated Gail Kim with Christy Hemme as referee


"The War Machine" Rhino defeated "King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett with the Gore!


A brief intermission...


Team Canada's Petey Williams defeated Jerry Lynn with the Canadian Destroyer


X Division Champion Samoa Joe successfully defended the gold against AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels when Joe forced AJ to tap out to the clutch


In typical Philadelphia fashion, the event ended in total chaos! Here is Ross Forman?s account of what went down:


Following the three-way for the X Division Championship, America?s Most Wanted hit the ring and attacked AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels?


AMW then got on the mics and once again issued the open challenge ? the lights went out and The James Gang appeared standing in the ring! The James Gang traded insults with AMW until Team 3D appeared on the big screen and joined in on the tirade.


At first, Team 3D said they weren?t in Philly, but after a few minutes, told everyone to look behind them?


Everyone in the arena turned to see Team 3D standing at the entrance to the arena and the place erupted as they made their way to the ring. The match ended up a four-way anything goes brawl with AMW vs. AJ & Daniels vs. The James Gang vs. Team 3D!


During the bout, with everyone fighting on the outside, it was a true ?Philly moment? as Brother Ray stood in the middle of the ring and invited a fan to throw in a steel chair for him to use. However, nearly the entire crowd answered as a shower of steel chairs poured into the ring from fans!


The bout was apparently thrown out due to the chaos, but the fans didn?t want to leave! TNA stars AJ Styles, The James Gang, Christopher Daniels and Team 3D all thanked the fans for an amazing night in Philadelphia!




Updated TNA Slammiversary Card Inside Here

Report by TNA Wrestling News Staff on 06/09/2006 at 05:56 PM


As of the latest airing of iMPACT! on Spike TV, here is the updated card for TNA Slammiversary next Sunday, June 18, live and only on pay per view from Orlando, Florida:


NWA World Heavyweight Championship - King of the Mountain

- Christian Cage © vs. Abyss vs. Ron "The Truth" Killings vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting.


Non-Title Match

- X Division Champion Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner.


NWA World Tag Team Championship Match

- America's Most Wanted (c's) vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels.


Handicap Match

- Rhino vs. Bobby Roode & Scott D'Amore.


- Team 3D vs. The James Gang.


- Kevin Nash vs. Chris Sabin.


- Plus, the new face of TNA management will debut.


As always, TNAWrestlingNews.com will be providing *live* play by play coverage of TNA Slammiversary on June 18 starting at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central.




Senshi's TNA Status, iMPACT! Staying In Orlando, FL

Report by TNA Wrestling News Staff on 06/08/2006 at 05:13 PM


Senshi recently finished up his last NOAH tour and he will now be working full-time in TNA.


TNA recently released the Impact schedule for the rest of the year. All the shows will take place in Orlando. Also, there has been some talk that the September No Surrender PPV may take place at a different location. It is believed that at least one PPV will take place from somewhere other than Orlando this year.




Upcoming TNA Home Video DVD Releases For 2006

June 8th, 2006 11:58



TNA Wrestling recently updated their upcoming DVD home video release schedule. The below is the current list of TNA DVDs set to be released between now and the end of 2006.


TNA Knockouts (On Sale August 29)

Featuring the lovely TNA Knockouts Traci, Gail Kim, Christy Hemme and Jackie, along with an introduction of ringside vixen SoCal Val. Witness the Knockouts like you?ve never seen them before!


Slammiversary (On Sale September 19)

TNA?s four-year anniversary spectacular, featuring the complete three-hour Pay-Per-View event including The King Of The Mountain match for the NWA World Heavyweight Title.


The Best Of Sting (On Sale October 10)

The complete chronicle of the legend known as Sting in TNA ? from his appearances at the TNA Asylum in Nashville to his epic return in 2005, exclusive interviews, bonus footage and more!


Best of the X Division Volume 2 (On Sale October 31)

Featuring the high-flying, no-limits stars of TNA?s X Division, including AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, The Fallen Angel, Chris Sabin, Petey Williams, Senshi, Jay Lethal, Alex Shelley, Sonjay Dutt, Shark Boy and many more!


TNA?s 50 Greatest Moments (On Sale November 21)

All the surprises, upsets, title changes, controversy and major moments from TNA?s four-year history, with comments from nearly every star on the TNA roster!


Best of Christian Cage (Early 2007)

Featuring the meteoric rise of Christian Cage in TNA Wrestling ? includes matches, exclusive interviews, footage of Cage at home in Florida, bonus clips and so much more!




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Guest FishFanInPA

Tazz vs. Lawler: Tazz wins quickly

Orton vs. Angle: I hope Orton wins but he probably won't

Edge/Foley vs. Dreamer/Funk: Edge/Foley wins because of Lita but I think Foley defects

Rey vs. Sabu: Rey wins but defects as well

Cena vs. RVD: Cena wins in a great match.


I think we'll see the Big Show at least once and someone from the WWE will defect.

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well Francine is in tommy dreamer/terry funk corner....don't forget that...i still see Foley turning ECW and Dreamer/Funk winning...


cena over RVD, Rey over Sabu (Rey Turns), Tazz squashes Lawler, Angle over Orton via help from Show




The "Manager Of Champions" Bill Alfonso, is backstage at the Hammerstein Ballroom and will take part in ECW One Night Stand tonight. The "man who calls it right down the middle" is scheduled to manage both Sabu and Rob Van Dam in their respective title matches tonight on the show.


Also, Big Guido of the FBI is backstage, and will accompany Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke for their match against Yoshihiro Tajiri & Super Crazy.


And for those curious, Atlas Security, the legendary team that handled crowds for the original ECW (and last year's One Night Stand), will once again be used for tonight's show, which should help in creating the "ECW vibe" for the show.









Courtesty of PWInsider










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