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  • 2 weeks later...

So WWE.com has a list of dream wrestlemania XXX matches.


Orton vs Bryan vs HHH for the title

Cena vs Undertaker

Lesnar vs Batista

Roman Reigns vs Big E

Money in the Bank Match


Their "dream" matches are with guys on the active roster and appears to be 10x better than whats actually being rumored. Why dont they just do that card?

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Chamber IMO was awful last night… Bautista match was a pure yawn sleeper. Actual Chamber match was good but Orton once again walks away as the winner. Bautista v Orton at WM will be awful unless some sort of twist is thrown in there…


Wyatt's v The Shield STOLE the show! AWESOME and by far the BEST match on card.

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Big E vs Swagger was nice and physical, I enjoyed that.


Usos and NAO wasn't too bad, either.


Batista/Del Rio was terrible, I agree. Pointless Diva's match, as well.


Chamber overall, a B-, C+ grade.


Wyatts vs Shield, agreed, easily match of the night and a match of the year candidate. I predicted a couple weeks ago that Rollins would steal the show, and he did, but Luke Harper did, too. I was surprised at what they allowed him to do last night, I loved it.

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Did Cena really get hurt? If so, they should do Shield vs Wyatts in a TLC match or some gimmick match.


Potential Card

HHH vs Bryan

Lesnar vs Undertaker

Orton vs Batista (they need to change this)

Wyatts vs Shield TLC



Cena NOT HURT. Was a work. Only thing I can think off:


Bryan vs HHH in no DQ match. If Bryan wins, he gets a title shot whenever he wants. Kane tries to interfere but messes up unlike the chamber and Bryan wins. Orton dominates Bautista, wins again, crowd is pissed off as WM closes with boring match. Bryan comes out cashes in title chance right away. Walks out of WM as new Champ!

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What was the point of the Cena fake injury? They barely even beat him?


I had the same question but noticed a really likely answer today perusing the wwe network. The network now gives the wwe a chance to do a Raw postgame style show (as well as a pregame show) and today I checked out the postgame show to see how its done and its basically a series of exclusive backstage interviews/segments following up the night's events. As for Cena, we got an "exclusive look" at the doctors checking on cena right after the worked injury ... and cena was soooo descriptive in it that I totally felt it was done to give the first raw postgame show something that actually seemed exclusive. Cena specifically told the doctors the movement he made, the pop he felt, and so on. Super detailed when we usually see a guy going "oww my leg" and not much else.


For what it was meant to be, the segment was straight forward and well done. I immediately thought that whole bit was done with the network in mind.


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Rumors of CM Punk returning Monday night.


Could set up Punk vs Batista vs Orton for the title, which is 100x better than Orton vs Batista.




This story has picked up pace and credibility especially considering Meltzer was the one reporting it.


"The basic gist of things is that WWE gave Punk some time to “cool off� and then wound up talking to him. Punk vented his frustrations to Vince McMahon and something was agreed upon that made Punk happy enough to be willing to come back. It’s possible he’ll be in the WrestleMania 30 main event as that was one of the things that he wanted. Again, the entire thing is not a work. It’s simply a case of where a guy was frustrated, walked out on the company and eventually the two sides wound up talking and worked things out. Could they turn it into a “work� now that things have cooled off? Of course …. but that likely all depends on if CM Punk agrees to it. They are doing everything possible to keep Punk happy during his return to the company. The guy sells a ton of merchandise and is one of their top stars that they want at WrestleMania 30."


People can debate whether taking his ball and going home was the right thing to do, but rather then backseat drive a unique entity like the WWE... I'd rather just focus on the face that the show is better with CM Punk on it. The main event clearly needs either Punk or Bryan in it now that Batista is heel. I can't see Punk coming back just to fight Triple H, the guy has wanted to be in a Mania main event for years and he has worked his ass off. You only have to look at the Rumble this year to see what kind of a performer he is.

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