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The WGA is on strike, but lucky for us MarlinsBaseball.com is not part of that union.


I am currently hiring more writers for the main site which is http://www.MarlinsBaseball.com


As in the past I can not pay writers because MarlinsBaseball.com is not a business. It's a fan site, and does not have funds available to pay staff. However you will be moved into a "Writers" group to be created here on the forums. Included in this is VIP for as long as you are a writer. You'll also be listed on the main site as staff including your own page with optional bio and photograph and you can feel free to enter this on your resumes. In addition there is a slight possibility, minor league affiliates will issue credentials. I, myself have been offered credentials to cover the Jamestown Jammers when they were in town to face the Brooklyn Cyclones and I see no reason similar occurences won't occur again. Keep that in mind if you're local to a Marlins affiliate or to a team that opposes a Marlins affiliate during the season. Obviously there is no promise they will offer media credentials but it is a possibility.


There's an application process and there is a review process that I will be doing.


Please email me at Admin[at]marlinsbaseball.com and include the following form completed along with a writing sample.


Forum Name:

Full Name:

City, State:



In addition to having this form completed, please attach a writing sample. The writing sample can be about anything and does not have to relate to the Marlins at all. I just want to see your style of writing and your abilities.


Thank you for your interest.

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