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Is 2008 going to be Hermida's year?

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What do you think Jeremy Hermida can do in 2008? He played well in the final month last season.

-- Adriano S., Sao Paulo, Brazil There is a reason why so many thought so highly of Hermida when he was a first-round pick in the 2002 First-Year Player Draft. He's always been regarded as a natural hitter, and he's hit at a high level during every stage of his development. Toward the end of last season, Hermida was healthy and gained confidence with each at-bat. He will turn 24 years old at the end of January, which reminds us that he is still young.


I suspect we will continue to see progress in '08. Hermida's goal is to hit .300, and he figures from there, his power numbers will take care of themselves. He doesn't look to hit home runs, yet he collected 18 of them in 429 at-bats a year ago. There is no question the Marlins are hoping Hermida steps up and becomes one of their most productive players. He should hit either second or third in the lineup.






For you Piazza junkies there's a not too hopeful comment on your guy and a few words about Cody Ross as well.


Let's face it, Hermida needs to step up if this team has any chance of being competitive in '08. Let's hope he stays healthy and we see what he can do with 500+ ABs. Could make a world of difference to how the lineup is configured if he can become the OBP machine we've been waiting for. I'm sure know one knows that more than he does at this point in his young career.

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I firmly believe that 2008 is the year that Hermida finally lives up to the hype and has a nice break-out year.


I'm thinking about .318/.394/26/94-ish




Take a look at Hermida's numbers after the All-Star break in '07























As you can see, he was outstanding in the second half and I think it'll carry over into this season.


Here's to a strong, healthy breakout 2008 campaign for Jeremy Hermida!

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had a strong second half no doubt, i just hope they keep him batting 2nd or 3rd.


They would be crazy not to. This is the first year that he has really deserved to hit in one of those spots. People have been clamoring for him there for two years, when they weren't asking for a demotion, but out offense was very productive even with Uggla being an unnatural two hole hitter. Now that Hermida has the confidence to match the ideal two or three hole skill set it should be a great match.

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He had an .870 OPS last year...he's already had his year and is a bonafide playa.


No disrespect, but he'll be a "playa" when he contributes to both parts of the game, offense AND defense. Like so many players here he needs to step up his contribution in the field and thankfully he at least has the skillset to do so, which cannot be said of some other Marlins. Bad defense around Cameron Maybin only makes it harder for the kid to get acclimated and productive.


What makes Hermida an all-star is playing all-star defense in right field to go with what he's already shown he can do offensively since the half way point of last season. He and Hanley could very well be representing the Marlins come the mid-season Classic.


I know I keep harping about defense but I do so because I don't subscribe to the notion that if you bash the ball enough you can overcome whatever runs your poor defense allows. As a team, you're not going to hit every night but if you're giving runs away game after game you're in for an awfully long season.


It's too much to expect Perry Hill back this spring to work with both the players and Andy Fox, but I hope equally as important as fixing the infield's play, Bo Porter has to get that outfield straightened out and playing as a unit.


Frankly, and this where I inadvertently hi-jack this thread, the more I think about it, if Maybin is in fact going to be the opening day centerfielder (which right now I'm not in favor of) the more I hope the Marlins sign Luis Gonzalez and he and Ross platoon in left field. Yes, yes I know that means trading Willingham which I would do if he comes into camp healthy and productive and we can acquire the right piece in return. And I would keep Jacobs over Willingham regardless of how unpopular that might be here. I believe a healthy Josh Willingham has more trade value than some recognize although I'm willing to be wrong about almost everything in this paragraph. As much as I'd like to think of Willingham as the Marlins' next Jeff Conine, I don't think he'll be here too much longer, but like I said if I'm proven wrong and the Marlins are winning hey I'm a happy camper.

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Well, I think Hermida's defensive lapses were mostly mental mistakes. He gets a very bad rap because he made a lot of really stupid bone-head mistakes (I know I was very displeased with him during the season...we remember obvious mistakes vividly haha), but outside of that he showed good range and fielding ability. I think a lot of his mental mistakes were caused by over-thinking because of the stupid things he did before...I think with 2007 behind him we no longer see those mistakes.


Really on our team, Hermida's the only one we really don't have to worry about defenisvely. He and Alfredo were the only starters from last years team to not be ranked in the bottom-5 of their posistion by +/- (Alfredo was +15, 6th out of CFers. Hermida was +7, 8th out of RFers).


If you're interested in reading about the plus/minus system (I think it's the best fielding stat out there atm...by no means perfect but at this point we don't got much to go on with fielding), you can read the breakdown by it's creator at http://billjamesonline.net/fieldingbible/overview.asp


Basically it measures every ball put in play, where it was hit and how hard it was hit, and if it was fielding. If a player gets a ball that other players at his posistion don't normally field, he gets +points. If he doesn't get a ball that is normally fielding, he gets -points (The amount that's added and subtracted is different depending on the situation).




And about Willingham, well, personally I'm against trading him not just because I like his game haha, but he's one of the players that you rarely see getting proper value back for. He's a solid player, but players like him you rarely see getting equal value. That also means he should be cheap in Arbitration years haha, whcih is another reason I'd like to keep him. If we did manage to get a good trade offer though...whatever makes the team better. Personally I'd rather just scrape Jacobs and put Willingham at first. Jacobs will have to do a lot next year to overcome how much he's fallen out with me.

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I can't argue with your thoughts, they are after all your thoughts.


Call them mental lapses instead of errors they still wind up looking the same in the scorer's book. You could be right, he was victim of his last mistake and a new season wipes the slate clean. I sure hope so.


If you noticed, I was holding Hermida up to standard that would get him an All-Star invite. I wasn't saying he sucks (I never say someone sucks but you know what I mean), in fact the opposite. He has a chance to be a very, very good ballplayer but he can't be a one dimensional player.


My Willingham comments purposely had a lot of "ifs" in it, not to hedge my bets, but rather to suggest a number of things had to happen and the timing right, for him to be moved. There are teams out there that could use a 20 homerun, high % hitter with men on guy and with some of the players coming up through our system, the fact that he may be a low-cost player now and into arbitration only reinforces my belief he's potentially a good trade candidate.


I guess we'll have to disagree on Jacobs and Willingham both of whom have had their health issues. I have no evidence stat-wise to back up my thinking, because a) it's just a thought and based on pure speculation, and b) I'm not taking the position that I'm right, but I think Willingham will never get better than he is right now (well some incremental improvement that comes with playing another major league season) but Jacobs can get much better than he is now and frankly at this point his trade value is pretty low.


Let me kind of amend my whole thing by saying one of the two probably won't be in the opening day lineup in 2009. That might have been a better way to summarize my thinking than my original attempt. We'll see.

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Only thing is we get Hermida batting 2nd or 3rd, u just hope that Uggla can put up some good numbers batting 6th.


I think if Maybin starts on opening day, Hermida is a sure plug in the 2 hole. If that's the case, I can't see Uggla batting anywhere except 5th. He's a 30+ homer guy and has the ability to be very productive. If he gets more opportunities to drive in runs, he shold turn into a 100+ RBI guy from that 5 spot.


There's no doubt though, that Hermida is going to be a much better fit in the 2 hole than Uggla was. He's an OBP guy who can hit for average and has decent power (If you project last year's power numbers over 580 AB'S he puts up 23+ homers and 85+ RBI, very solid considering the mediocre first half). I always pictured Uggla as a number 5 guy but there was nobody else who was capable of batting 2nd in his first 2 seasons. Now with a rising talent in the very capable Hermida, he should get his opportunities.

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Every year for the next 10-15 years will be a Hermida year!





Once he gets too good we'll have to trade him

Party pooper! You really know how to mess a good thing up for us Marlins fans


Oh come on, you know it's true! He'll get closer and closer to free agency and we'll just have to trade him for a prospect or two (and then once those prospects near free agency, we'll trade them for more prospects.)


That's just the way it goes. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

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I think 2008 is going to be Hermida's year. Granted, I thought last year would be also but it wasn't exactly a bad season especially when looking at his 2nd half alone.


Here is an editorial I wrote on the MarlinsBaseball.com Main Site about this.



Jeremy Hermida was a top prospect in the Marlins system. He was looked to as the next big addition following in the footsteps of Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis in 2003. Unfortunately, up until now Hermida has not been everything Marlins fans expected him to be. In 2005, Hermida made his major league debut in grand fashion literally. He came up to bat and promptly hit a grand slam in his first major league at bat. Immediately Marlins fans had to feel excitement for the future even if this was one just one at bat. What followed is something not many expected. After only 41 at bats in 2005, Hermida opened 2006 as the starting right fielder. Over the course of the year, Hermida?s statline was as follows: .251 AVG, .332 OBP, 5 HR 28 RBI in 307 at bats. Worse yet, Hermida?s defense was not up to par either as he had a .952 fielding percentage.


Even though 2006 was a poor rookie season which seemed even worse than normal because of high expectations ? Hermida opened the 2007 campaign as the starting right fielder again. In 2007, Hermida had a .296 AVG, .369 OBP, 18 HR, 63 RBI in 429 at bats. His defense continued to suffer with a .966 fielding percentage. An important note on Hermida?s stats is the fact he missed a good portion of the season with an injury. His 2nd half was exceptional at the plate and his defense slightly improved as the year went on as well.


Based on his 2nd half in 2007, Hermida seems destined to realize his potential in 2008 or at least come closer to approaching it. If he can stay healthy, 2008 should turn out to be a tremendous season ? and the Marlins are going to need it with their depleted lineup following the loss of Miguel Cabrera. If Hermida improves even more at the plate, it might allow him to relax more in the field and improve on his defense as well. Let?s not forget that Jeremy Hermida is only going to be 24 years old when the season starts and the best is yet to come for him and the Marlins.

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Good peice Admin, but I'd hardly consider our linup depleted. Cabrera is as big of a loss as possible, but the lineup will definitely be a top force again IMO. If Jacobs stays healthy, and if Hermida can continue to rip, there's no doubt about it.


Totally agree. I think we'll finish in the top 5 in the NL in homeruns again, which is impressive considering DS. Hermida, Jacobs, Uggla, Ramirez, and Willingham are all poised to have 20+ homer seasons next season if they stay healthy. 2 of them will put up 30+ if their trend continues and they continue to improve (Uggla, Ramirez)


So between those 5 you've got atleast 120 homers, not bad. Obviously pitchers are going to be happy that Cabrera isn't in the lineup, but they will underestimate some guys and overall it will be an underrated offense among the rest of the league.

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Good peice Admin, but I'd hardly consider our linup depleted. Cabrera is as big of a loss as possible, but the lineup will definitely be a top force again IMO. If Jacobs stays healthy, and if Hermida can continue to rip, there's no doubt about it.


Great points, and I am now thinking depleted was the wrong choice there. I agree that the lineup will still be productive especially with my projected Hermida thoughts. Never meant to imply the offense will be poor in 2008. I'll have a full season outlook out during Spring Training though that will go into all that along with my projections for everyone.

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