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Who would you pick?


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Using the guys who were voted in as starters, who would you choose as your reserves?


SG. Allen Iverson

SG. Kobe Bryant

SF. Carmelo Anthony

PF. Tim Duncan

C. Yao Ming


PG. Steve Nash

PG. Chris Paul

PG. Baron Davis

SF. Josh Howard

PF. Carlos Boozer

C. Al Jefferson

C. Amare Stoudemire


PG. Jason Kidd

SG. Dwyane Wade

SF. Lebron James

PF. Kevin Garnett

C. Dwight Howard


PG. Jamal Tinsley

SG. Michael Redd

SG. Joe Johnson

SF. Richard Jefferson

PF. Antawn Jamison

PF. Chris Bosh

C. Zydrunas Ilgauskas

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I think instead of AI or Melo you should have a Nash or Paul in the starting lineup. Two nuggets starting takes away from the fun of all different people playing together.

the starters i went strictly based on who was voting in...obviously Nash deserves to be starting over both Kobe and AI, and you could make a case Paul does too

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