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Castillo claimed by Giants


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I think Castillo and Fredo are interchangeable. This is not a big deal.


That would mean there was never any point in signing him in the first place.

not true, firstly I believe he was signed before Cantu and definitely before McPherson. If Amezega had a bad injury during Spring Training, or if Cantu sucked, or if Castillo played like a star, he would have/could have won a job.

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Yeah its true.


I was at the game today he took BP but then came out in street clothes with his bag and talked to reporters while every1 was still in uniform.


I asked Freddy Gonzalez if he was gone and he said yea. And then Paul Hoover told me he went to the Giants.


Anywho, sucked it got rained out...

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What's interesting is that there has been zero press confirmation of anything, up, down or sideways. You would think since the entire press corps was there to see Hendrickson prep for Opening Day someone would have something on the wires by now.


This is some kind of work in progress, not your usual waivering of a player. For those who listened on the radio Frisaro was on the pre-game/rain relay broadcast and before he could bring up Castillo which i thought was the next subject to be discussed was literall in mid-sentence yanked off the air by someone Marlins-related. Van Horne had to kind of vamp for a minute that Joe had been called a away...


And so far not a word from on the Marlins website either. Interestingly the story reporting the canceled game that appears just now on the Marlins website is written by one of Orioles' MLB reporters.


As of this writing, if we use the post above for a timeline, Castillo left spoke to reporters and left camp before or around noon, and here it is after 4:30pm and nothing has appeared as of yet. Nothing.



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What Beinfest says goes for me.... he is a god among men!


O'well, he gave competition. If he wasn't enough of a team player to not accept a platoon or backup job, then he got what he wanted and the marlins got what they wanted out of him- a canidate at 3rd during spring.



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Damn.. as a Giants fan, I really really don't like this. The whole point of this season for San Fran is to give some young guys a shot. Ortmeier was gonna play 1st with either Frandsen or Aurilia at 3rd. Rotoworld thinks they may have Castillo at 3rd, with Aurilia shifting to 1st. Ortmeier's performance this spring hasn't been the best, but I really hope they at least give him a month...


And what makes it worse, is this whole thing with his attitude. Since Bonds' departure, the focus has been on having a warrior mentality and being more loose in the clubhouse...


This was not a good pickup.. I hope I'm proved wrong.

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